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  2. Exactly.... if you ask me the company responsible should have been billed for the cost of the emergency services response let alone a "public order"....
  3. Welcome to the Forum, glad you enjoyed your day of Pew pew enough to give it another bash. Kit is down to personal preference, Myself I run the jeans and hoody with my desert wellies, I have a condor battle belt with drop leg, and i've just bought myself a cheap jump plate carrier purely for the magazine carrying capacity, chest rig was also considered. Most important bits of Kit for me was Eye protection quickly followed by face/ear, and gloves. I also ended up buying a replica fast lid after nearly knocking myself out on a low flying crawlspace. Guns... Well that's an entire chapter on itself, Tokyo Marui has long been considered a premier brand, but there are plenty other companies that have good serviceable stuff. My advice as Airsoft guns are in the base terms the same mechanisms wrapped in different skins, is pick something that you like, and do some google/youtube research on it, that's how I settled on my Asg Cz Evo a1. Sites, Great starting point is the where to buy thread on this forum. Molle vest, depends on what you want to spend really...
  4. Apart from the sagely advice above regarding the Rif's in a public place and the all to likely encounter with an ARV, I cannot believe that everyone has missed the elephant in the room that is "purchase from a shop with BBguns in the title".😁
  5. I almost found out on Thursday at my last game, I rounded a corner and was shot virtually point blank in the Ear. thankfully I have one of the foldable mesh masks with ear protection. definitely worth while getting.
  6. Perfectly legitimate style of play, In my opinion, if you don't watch your rear, then you're going to get outflanked and rolled up. There is a reason the saying "watch your six" exists.
  7. Attitude test is the quintessential yard stick. Fail that and generally my sense of humour also fails. of course your mileage may vary depending on Time of Day/ Type of Day/ how close they are to Refs, or if the day has previously been full of Knobheads. Rule of thumb, is treat them as you would want to be treated, after all they are Human ( well mostly, some traffic wanks have had sense of humour removed surgically). Worst case scenario , stopped by an ARV, solved with High protein Crayola 👍.
  8. Evo Scorpion 2018 revision at Jd Airsoft is currently on offer as part of there 12 days of Christmas. Good deal to be had there. https://jdairsoft.net/deals/day-12-of-12-xmas-deals
  9. Seconded, Bought a P09 Tactical grey as it had a threaded barrel already and is co2 and green gas compatible right out of the box, great pistol so far even better with a tracer on it.
  10. Before someone chimes in with the "use the search function" I'll just leave this here.
  11. Yep, happened to me aswell......... That and my TRMR not going off, ( my fault, not dropping it right).
  12. I have just bought an Evo a1 2018, stuck an Acetech At1000 tracer on it and gave it it's baptism of fire yesterday at a full day of CQB, Love it to bits, Trigger is nice and responsive, tracer laser beams 👍. the only gripe I had all day was the Ambidextrous fire selector mean't it was very easy to knock it on to safe or 3 round burst as my knuckle caught it, may look into deleting the right hand side selector with a real steel blanking plate. Had an TM MP5 a3 and a K many moons ago, loved em to bits, but broke a few charging handles with the famous MP5 Slap. Just my opinion, but I went for the EVO for aesthetic and it's mechanical revisions.
  13. I have Both, the Lighter S is on my P09, and the 1000 is on my Evo, had a great day of making Laser beams at the Mill today. need more tracer BB's now 😎 the 1000 isn't overly huge, and in my opinion, fits more on an aesthetic level than the lighter S on an SMG platform.
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