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  1. Played our third game on Sunday. This time it was back to Bravo Romeo. Best yet despite the rain. What we have learnt: 1. Marshals make a huge difference. Their guidance is invaluable to new players like us. 2. Big or sprawling sites with time limited objectives or roving objectives are difficult especially for new players (unless you are in a good squad). 3. Respawn areas, where both teams can respawn simultaneously are horrible. Separate respawns are easier. 4. Telling who is alive and who is dead can be problematic. Active players hiding among dead men marching have caught us out on quite a few occasions. 5. Overshooting needs to be controlled better. 6. Good squad communications makes for a better game.
  2. I am also a relative new player. Was advised by numerous players to go down the G&G route as an relatively inexpensive entry level. I went for the Raider 2.0 as it seemed to offer a number of advantages over early versions. Have been absolutely delighted with it but have just upgraded the spring to M100 to get just over 340 FPS. Now shoots more consistently/straighter and a bit longer. It now compares really well to much more expensive guns. I found that lots of players were only too happy to let me try out their guns and offered so much good independent advice. This try before you buy method helped me no end and I am deeply indebted to those who helped.
  3. Great advice. Thanks. Definitely agree about experienced snipers with local knowledge. Will be trying Ground Zero near Ringwood on Sunday. Can't wait!
  4. That's exactly what happened........
  5. Very true...... but somewhat annoying that he was much better than me.
  6. Thanks for the advice. We had missions which gave snipers have a big distance advantage with the lack of cover and undergrowth especially at this time of year. Will stick with the AEG's for the moment. Guns being upgraded now. We'll see how we get on next time.
  7. Lurked for a while but have finally managed to play first game with my son last weekend. So much fun. Now completely hooked. Learnt that AEG's in standard form have limited range and rate of fire. Opponents with upgraded guns could often out-range us and engage before we could return fire accurately. Never had too much difficulty spotting opponents even at distance but would have loved a 500 FPS rifle with good scope. Played with a great team who carried us on our first outing.
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