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  1. Hiya, Got this rif, used it twice now but the pump handle just seems to jam every so often and I can't seem to repump it to fire again? Occasionally it sorts itself, I get another few shots, then it happens again. Has been happening dry firing and when loaded - can get a video if necessary too. Just wondering if anyone knows any reasons this would happen/possible fixes? Thanks
  2. Hi fellas, sorry for the slow replies - appreciate the updates! Threw an exact replacement in the end, and the Rif now has 13:1 gears in. Will consider a warhead in the future though!
  3. Got an ARP9 thats stock motor has died on me this weekend. Looking for a motor replacement for it that isn't gonna ruin the internals, which are all stock apart from a gate aster being included in it. I've been recommended warhead motors, but would they ruin the internals? If not, any recommendations on which one to get? And if so, any different recommendations? Clueless with this tech stuff. Thanks:)

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    Upper on my g&g has given in, can't take the delta ring off. After a new upper or a full metal kit to shove the internals in. Ta


    - GB

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    Looking for trades ideally, interested in anything non bolt action, but will sell if anyone wanted. Completely stock bar a spring change as the original spring shot hot for some reason. Original spring can be provided however. Only selling cause I just don't use it anymore. Looking for £275 collected if not a trade. Can consider postage but never done so before with a Rif so would need advice


    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire - GB

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    A&K MK46 with para stockWith bullgear hop + prommy purple, ICS dummy peq box + extended wire, 2 batteries (9.9v and a 7.4(if they can be sent ofc) and a nuprol 2 point sling. Can send other pictures/videos on request.Selling purely for the fact I just dont use it ever since I got my ARP - works fine to my knowledge!Cost me just around £500 altogether, Looking for about £350 or so for the lot, but will take offers and/or trades. Looking for an ak, DMR or a sniper ideally, but open to anythingCollection preferred in Peterborough due to weight, postage will be costly


    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire - GB

  7. Hiya, just wondered if I could get everyone's thoughts on this before I do anything. Recently had my LVOAC downgraded at firesupport to make it well, useable, they replaced the spring and everything seemed brill - I could now actually use it!! However, I've noticed that the trigger seems to stick on semi auto, an audible click happens whenever I pull the trigger and it's obviously being caught on something. Switching to full immediately stops this. Was mainly just wondering - would this be simply fixed, or would it be best to just bring it back to the shop and ask them to sort it out? Or is it a known issue? Been unable to find anything on it. Thanks
  8. I saw about the pins, but it seems the front sight is more attached to the barrel, which is then attached to a ring inside the handguard. Seems so far it might be easiest to try find someone who knows what they're on about to do this if i ever decide to! but thanks!
  9. Oh okay, only asked here cause I couldn't find any, guess i'll get searching again. thanks!
  10. I got the battery the lad selling me it suggested, so its a VP Airsoft 2200mAh battery, bit small for the PEQ box but fits. I thought it was fixed honestly, i can imagine replacing the barrel would probably be quite the task?
  11. Hiya, new here and to the hobby! Purchased this today (https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-metal-m4-ris-with-oa93-folding-stock-airsoft-gun-aeg) and was just wondering if people had any idea on two things? Was first wondering if its possible to remove the rail and have the battery inside, and second was wondering if it was possible to remove the front sight? the rear sight was easy to remove, but couldnt find any way to manage the front. sorry if this is in the wrong place, thanks
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