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  1. My mate bought an Edge over xmas and it had to be sent back to the retailer because the FPS dropped to the mid 100s, according to the retailer they have been having that issue with a load of Edge series rifles. Worth noting that the One series is OEM'd by E&C which are a decent chinese OEM who are pretty consistent with their QC. The Edge series (I believe?) are OEM'd by DYTAC which have less of a well founded reputation for quality. I have also known someone who bought a Core series (also OEM'd by Dytac I believe) and out of the box that was horrible, the mag that came with it didn't feed and only certain Stanag style mags would feed albeit rattle around like crazy in the magwell, the rails were also very wobbly. I would also argue that the Edge externals of a lesser quality than the One series, there are several parts that are unpainted and rough (mock bolt, QD sling points) and also the mock bolt does not function on the Edge like it does on the One series. Also the trigger guard wobbles like a motherfucker on the Edge series and it doesn't on the One series. A brand that loves to boast about their great wobble-free external quality have dropped the ball a bit moving over to the Edge series. Go for a One series, better OEM.
  2. hasn't failed me yet so personally better imo than changing o-rings every now and then.
  3. Given the current temperature and being a metal slide, I imagine red gas would be the minimum to get it going.
  4. 4 of my Hi-Capa mags have leaked from that exact o-ring, my solution was to wrap several layers of PFTE tape around it. The mags have not leaked since.
  5. I would say stick with your AEG, I went full gas for a brief period but ultimately returning back to AEGs because they just work. I've tried different guns and platforms despite the warnings some people give about reliability and the likes, knowing this I would of stuck with AEGs from the offset and saved a lot of money but unfortunately I didn't listen! Now back on the topic of Mosfets, The Titan has more features than a WARFET but the Titan is way more temperamental and as Iceni said above the Titan is suited more to insane builds that need taming.
  6. As someone who has owned the WE L85, letme say this, its an incredibly fun gun to shoot, but its a WE. Dogshit perf in the winter even with black gas, shitty trigger box and a bolt carrier that likes to kill itself against the return springs (can be modded to stop this). Nozzle guides also have to be loose not to inhibit movement of the nozzle but also because of this they have a chance of falling out. Upgrade options are there but ultimately the platform is still wank, stay away unless you want a lot of work on your hands. (It's an ok summer gun when it works and you've upgraded the hop)
  7. Thats why I said 'a defence' and not that UKARA is the only defence but rather it is one of the easiest to prove as there is a database.
  8. Nah, you need a defence to import aswell regardless of whether its already been purchased. Especially a gun shaped thing from the USA! UKARA being the easiest to use for the concerned parties.
  9. Yukarin

    THE TM MWS thread

    Probably better off working that out through PSI, Green Gas is around 110 PSI and the MWS can handle that for the most part although some parts do eventually break (such as the plastic buffer and the nozzle return spring). If you need more FPS at 110 PSI than a tightbore barrel or NPAS would be the way to go. Also consider your joule limits for your site, I can reach my sites joule limits on the stock TM nozzle by increasing my BB weight.
  10. My Google-fu is weak. Is it possible to change the Length of a motor? I have a dead Long type motor and a short type motor that I wish to swap the armature over but have no idea how to, any pointers?

  11. The mosfet will cut out when your battery gets too low, so a battery alarm would be redundant?

    • Wanted
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    Looking for a UK seller of a front end 10.5 inch CQB front set with triangle sight. Cant justify spending 80 quid on one from abroad (from what i've seen on the internet). All offers considered.


    - GB

  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Came off a boneyard gun not worth saving. Very good condition with very few scratches and marks. Feels sturdy. Lacks any sort of battery space so I would only recommend using this if you either modify it, have a front wired gun or a GBBR / HPA. IMPORTANT: Price includes postage and Paypal fees. UK Mainland Only.


    Canterbury, Kent

  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Here I have a G36 to M4 Magwell from JG. It came from a boneyard gun beyond worth saving. The magwell itself is as new with very few marks or scratches. It has a nozzle / feed ramp on top and as such will only with with G36 hop units that lack said ramp. I have no use for it so off it goes. IMPORTANT: Price includes Paypal and Postage fees. UK Mainland only.


    Canterbury, Kent

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