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  1. Mini-ITX pc. Problem solved space wise. But fair enough, I won't keep pushing you to make a good decision 😂.
  2. PS5 coming out next year or two, SSD inbuilt. Maybe wait? Or do the sensible thing and get a proper pc setup.
  3. Yukarin

    THE TM MWS thread

    I have the L119A2 carbine rail. You will need a adapter ring for the barrel or a barrel that is already the correct 'mil-spec' size (i.e G&p barrels for MWS). The nut that comes with the rail threads fine onto the MWS receiver, however, the part of the receiver that holds the front takedown pin is too large and pushes the rail out to a gap of about 1-2mm on the rail when you split open the receiver. I fixed this by dremelling the bottom rear part of the L119A2 rail so that it cleared the forward takedown pin. Can take pics if requested.
  4. Gunfire offering free delivery today only if you spend approx 100 quid and over.

  5. Some Proprietary internals for their recoil system, I wouldn't recommend them as a first gun because I imagine if it breaks (and i've heard the recoil system loves to shit on the internals) it would be hard to get them fixed. https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/2hj8p7/bolt_m4s_with_brss_recoil_and_blowback_how_are/
  6. If you know you want to HPA a gun why buy a KRYTAC? Their gearboxes are pretty decent and if your chucking that out for an Inferno its really a big waste of a KRYTAC. Either use the KRYTAC stock, or get a cheaper gun that still has rock solid externals to drop an Inferno in (i.e Specna Arms).
  7. Yukarin

    THE TM MWS thread

    https://www.angrygun.com/collections/gbb-parts/products/enhanced-drop-in-complete-mpa-nozzle-set-for-marui-mws-m4 AngryGun do make a sealing buffer as part of their complete MPA nozzle and drop in bolts, Also sold as an 'upgrade' part, which they call the piston head, different name for the same thing. https://www.angrygun.com/collections/gbb-parts/products/enhanced-piston-head-for-marui-mws-m4 Anyway, problem as said has been resolved by putting the stock TM sealing buffer on the AngryGun nozzle, 2 minute job at worst.
  8. Yukarin

    THE TM MWS thread

    Ran the AngryGun nozzle again last sunday, zero issues with it now as I replaced the sealing buffer with the stock TM one. The AG sealing buffer is too wide and causes friction which can cause mid-cycle jams. My hop up problem seems to have alleviated itself.
  9. Adding the metal slide to the TM may start giving you some of the problems that you had with your previous pistols. Plastic slides perform well in the winter on green gas (maybe red if really really cold). You have to decide whether you want to have a snappy pistol with a plastic slide or a sluggish one. Personally I'd say, buy the TM Hi-Capa, leave it stock over the winter and as it warms up consider upgrading it.
  10. I think the barrel assembly of the gold match is different to the standard TM 5.1, but I'm sure Mike at eliteshootingcentre will be able to advise you.
  11. http://www.eliteshootingcentre.co.uk/ Bloke who runs the above website is very knowledgeable on hi-capas, and prefers to be contacted by email for sales so he can advise you on your options. His prices aren't bad at all too.
  12. ARES mass produce their mosfet unit with AB breaking, why can't CYMA? End of the day, chinese factories are not always these 0 quality control sweatshops people think they are, you contract out a chinese factory to make a quality product, and provided you keep them under control in regards to QC and materials used, you will get a quality product. Reason why I bring this argument up is according to TaiwanGun's description for these range of CYMAs, it's a joint collab between Taiwangun and CYMA, and its very likely Patrolbase went wholesale through Taiwangun's wholesale arm. I'm not guaranteeing there is AB, but at the end of the day I reckon Taiwangun are contracting out CYMA to produce these mid range rifles to compete with Gunfire (whom work with Specna Arms) and their Edge series.
  13. Its in the trigger unit like an ARES mosfet, so i reckon it has active breaking.
  14. Proprietary CYMA mosfet (so not much info about it out there), the mosfet itself should be able to take 11.1v LiPo easy, it probably has Active Breaking. Not sure if the other internals can handle the extra stress an 11.1v puts on the system but the gearbox specs according to taiwangun seem promising. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric-4/cm-098-e-edition-cyma?q=cm098&campaign-id=14
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