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  1. At my very very tiny local CQB site in Colchester I run pistol only, It was an absolute advantage against the other AEG players honestly, I could use angles that other players struggled to use even with a pdw. But the longest engagement distance at that site is 5m at best. So if your CQB site is a larger with longer engagement distances I could see an AEG being way more dominant.
  2. Yukarin

    THE TM MWS thread

    i havent found one....
  3. Yukarin

    THE TM MWS thread

    This is the exact problem I have, only solution was silent fill o-rings but they have issues aswell so I swapped back. They take longer to fill and in my case made full auto / rapid semi auto unusable.
  4. Yukarin

    THE TM MWS thread

    All my mags have the 2 mark and couldn't even do 20 shots on a ten second charge. GG mod brang the shot count up to 40 on average but would sometimes still get mags that run out after 20 shots. Again a ten second charge. Then again all 8 of my mags are cunts and don't take gas very well, they spit out most of the gas from the get go even with the Air bubbles purged.
  5. No, gas mags from different manufacturers rarely work with different gas guns.
  6. None of my tests or Uni work is cancelled, so I'm spending the next 2 months revising 10 hours a day while most people seem to be chilling at home... fun...
  7. Yukarin

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    Ill give you the pros and cons of each , bearing in mind I agree with everyone else about getting the TM. Pros of the SSP1: Metal Slide (TM's is plastic) Hop up can supposedly lift heavy BBs (very little point unless this pistol is your primary, which would be stupid). Supposedly CO2 ready Cons of the SSP1: Spotty Quality Control, especially on the magazines. Expect feeding issues and the like. Not fully compatible with the Tokyo Marui standard (TM Hicapas are the original hicapa and the Novritsch is somewhat a clone) Heavy slide = Bad winter performance unless you use CO2 Pros of the TM: Plastic slide is very light which means the gun is very responsive and snappy, performs well in the winter. Legendary TM quality control, it will work out of the box with the only thing you have to fiddle with being the hop up. Thousands of upgrade parts available, probably the most supported pistol platform out there in airsoft. Good Magazines Cons of the TM: Plastic slide may eventually break. Hop up may not be able to lift Heavy BBs. Definitely not CO2 compatible at all. If you are genuinely new to airsoft and didn't know about the specifics of Novritsch's products its understandable why you could see that his products appear better. My recommendation, get a TM HI-CAPA, run it until the slide breaks (will be quite a while), then get a metal slide if you so wish.
  8. No one will give a shit if you turn up to a regular skirmish site with two tones.
  9. I was on the side in the morning that greatly benefited from the bad spawns, my group made our criticisms known to the Marshalls who took it on board very well, at that point I personally believe it was hard to change the spawns that late into the game. They absolutely love feedback and kept coming up to my group (and I imagine other groups) to ask on what can be improved.
  10. My mate bought an Edge over xmas and it had to be sent back to the retailer because the FPS dropped to the mid 100s, according to the retailer they have been having that issue with a load of Edge series rifles. Worth noting that the One series is OEM'd by E&C which are a decent chinese OEM who are pretty consistent with their QC. The Edge series (I believe?) are OEM'd by DYTAC which have less of a well founded reputation for quality. I have also known someone who bought a Core series (also OEM'd by Dytac I believe) and out of the box that was horrible, the mag that came with it didn't feed and only certain Stanag style mags would feed albeit rattle around like crazy in the magwell, the rails were also very wobbly. I would also argue that the Edge externals of a lesser quality than the One series, there are several parts that are unpainted and rough (mock bolt, QD sling points) and also the mock bolt does not function on the Edge like it does on the One series. Also the trigger guard wobbles like a motherfucker on the Edge series and it doesn't on the One series. A brand that loves to boast about their great wobble-free external quality have dropped the ball a bit moving over to the Edge series. Go for a One series, better OEM.
  11. hasn't failed me yet so personally better imo than changing o-rings every now and then.
  12. Given the current temperature and being a metal slide, I imagine red gas would be the minimum to get it going.
  13. 4 of my Hi-Capa mags have leaked from that exact o-ring, my solution was to wrap several layers of PFTE tape around it. The mags have not leaked since.
  14. I would say stick with your AEG, I went full gas for a brief period but ultimately returning back to AEGs because they just work. I've tried different guns and platforms despite the warnings some people give about reliability and the likes, knowing this I would of stuck with AEGs from the offset and saved a lot of money but unfortunately I didn't listen! Now back on the topic of Mosfets, The Titan has more features than a WARFET but the Titan is way more temperamental and as Iceni said above the Titan is suited more to insane builds that need taming.
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