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  1. I've just ordered the Marui XL 470 speedloader, fingers crossed it works like a few people on the internet have been saying.
  2. I believe your account has to be a certain age / certain post counts in order to access classifieds properly, this is to stop scammers. Also holy fuck the emojis are triggering me, people actually communicate like this?!?
  3. Its one of the more challenging things you can do with an AEG, if you were versed in teching, you would know how to do it and also why NOT to do it. Don't follow those speedsofting idiots over the pond.
  4. Wii-tech do some receiver parts, including uppers.
  5. On the topic of speedloaders, It seems I've lost the loading tube for my MWS. Conventinal speedloaders dont seem to work for me with these mags and i've tried the Hurricane loader from softair but that broke on me within 10 minutes of using it. Anyone know where I could get replacement MWS speedloaders?
  6. Joule creep? Especially with gas guns.
  7. Nothing wrong with the performance of a 7.4v LiPo tbh.
  8. The aftermath of someone attempting sarcasm on a plastic pellet plinking forum.
  9. Thanks, I'll have a look, not that I don't trust Baofeng, lots of people run them, just might want something that may stand the test of time more.
  10. So I'm thinking of buying a real steel MSA Sordin because I'm thoroughly unimpressed with the Chinese clones of Comtacs and the like, they seem to have a lot of issues. However right now I have a £30 baofeng, and before I choose a headset for which I'll need to buy a PTT with a specific radio plug, I need to settle on a good, reliable radio platform, or ill have to change plugs, which won't be easy / cheap. Thing is, I know next to nothing about radios, my friends usually set them up for me if we end up using comms. So im looking for a decent, programmable radio that is waterproof (at the very least heavy rain proof), as rain doesn't put me off playing at all and I'll need to make sure the radio doesn't short and kill anything else let alone itself. Anyone versed in radios here? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Generally not a good idea to run a 11.1v LiPo in any gun unless it has a mosfet and both shimming and AOE have been corrected. It puts a lot more stress on the gearbox.
  12. This is a joke, right?
  13. Just take it, holy shit. If you wanna get back in the action asap, just take the hit and leg it to and from respawn rather than causing potential drama for the sake of "muh realism".
  14. Different tolerances for different guns, even if they are following the TM VSR spec, should be fine when you start adding aftermarket triggers and pistons, providing you do the correct research.
  15. Modify tan + Super sixg nub
  16. Back from a skirmish, silent fill o-rings did the trick for my propane adapter, lost a bit of consistency on full auto as a result but I use semi 99% of the time so all is well. Really good day with the MWS, its a miracle worker.
  17. It's more the voltage, even if the gun has a MOSFET doesn't necessarily mean it can handle an 11.1v LiPo. With everything going "faster" there will be excessive wear on the internals, so unless you've uprated the internals of your rental guns you'll end up defeating your "Pay once" ideology by having to replace the stock internals when they shit the bed.
  18. Last time I went was December, hoping its improved when I make my way back down to Kent in a few months time.
  19. Im assuming these are for rentals? Why would you put a battery like that in a rental?
  20. I believe he is saying there are diminishing returns to the performance of a gun the more money you spend on it.
  21. Wouldnt it be simpler to bring a power bank and charge the GoPro between games?
  22. Hmm, I wonder if we've had a thread like this before...
  23. That would be because AW pay WE more to up their QC for their products, the WE guns have less QC than AW.
  24. Well if you book in advance, its only £30, not much more than most sites. I'm with you on the medic rule and marshalling, such a shame as its probably one of the best sites in the country in regards to the playing area.
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