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  1. As far as i'm aware the G&G l85 doesn't have a spring guide adjuster to adjust the FPS, I'm fairly certain thats a feature on the ICS L85. Also, 350fps on 0.25g BBs is above the legal joule limit for AEGs in the UK. 278fps on 0.25g BBs is a very acceptable fps, higher fps doesn't necessarily equal higher range.
  2. It matters when your combining the fact your increasing the FPS by 50%, with much heavier BBs and a solid Hop-up. But for AEGs when you'll be typically using lighter ammo FPS increases don't amount to much.
  3. updated my previous comment as I had a good look at the parts described, disappointed they chose to cutback on these errors, makes the nice externals that specnas usually have seem terrible.
  4. Mine was from Gunfire. And by unpainted I mean that it is literally bare rough metal without any sort of coating. Though i admit in the pictures it looks grey, I still think its unacceptable.
  5. Because I wanted to check if I could down the line?
  6. Just got back home, VERY DISAPPOINTED, WILL BE RETURNING MINE. Several parts left unpainted: dust cover, receiver pins, qd sling point Full Auto doesn't work. Locks in place exactly like safe. proprietary delta ring / handguard system, seems like I cant replace the handguard.
  7. Krytacs don't need upgrades, leave them alone until they break.
  8. I also have an SA-E12, haven't had a chance to see it yet (away from home at the moment) but I'll be able to give a brief review this afternoon when I finally get home. It comes wired to Deans though but also has a Mini-tamiya converter.
  9. This exact reason is why I always bring an AEG with me on a game day. Will play a bit with my sniper or my WE L85 but if im starting to feel outgunned by the AEGs Ill just bring mine out and run around with it like a mad man. I think its good to have a variety of gameplay during one game day.
  10. Don't know the brand, was just a mask we borrowed off the site back when we were still rentals.
  11. My friend would beg to differ, he has a nice little scar below his eye from a BB shattering on full mesh face mask. He was incredibly lucky that no large particles went into his eye.
  12. Thats a very broad question seeing as there are many factors that determine FPS. But basically, a heavier BB will travel at a slower speed (lower FPS) but have greater range and accuracy. You shouldn't be breaking any site limits using the ARP-9 and heavier BBs if thats what your worried about. Don't want to spoonfeed you too much so remember google is your friend.
  13. From what I've seen, the ARP-9 loves heavier ammo such as 0.28g and 0.3g Bbs for outdoor play. Barrel length isn't that big a deal in airsoft.
  14. Seeing as you want to do CQB. You could go for an ARP-9, they are around 200 quid. That leaves 100 quid for an ARP-9 drum mag (highly recommended), battery, battery charger and whatever else you want. Guessing you don't have UKARA so would recommend buying it from a UK retailer who can two-tone it for you. Get a small 7.4 LiPo (or two) and a Smart Lipo Charger from componentshop. ARP-9 doesn't have much battery space. Do your research before buying so you are not left disappointed.
  15. Welcome. 300 Quid including Gun, Magazines, Protection, battery, battery charger? If you could be specific to what you already have that would help. Any tastes and preferences? M4, AK, e.t.c
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