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  1. imo, It's all about being ahead of the trend, back in the day, not many people could record themselves playing video games, so people flocked to them on Youtube. Now everyone and their Nan has the ability to record their video games and no one gives a shit about a generic player's generic double kill w/e. Novritsch was one of the first people to bring a professional recording level to airsoft gameplay, and now its the same scenario, lots of people bringing GoPros to their skirmishes thinking that their gameplay, regardless of how good the editing / actual content is, will make it big in a very saturated 'video market'. I'd say the next step that most people haven't been able to nail is to stream Airsoft gameplay live to Twitch, I reckon whoever is able to pull that off successfully will make a decent buck.
  2. i need this, did you get this custom made?
  3. WE L85 is a fun gun once you fix its initial problems. But being a WE, shit wears out rather quickly and I found it only really performs well in the Summer even with trying to use black gas with it during the autumn.
  4. You can also do a similar upgrade to the BAR-10 and still have an on-spec cylinder group and a cylinder that is the strongest stock cylinder on the market.
  5. Personally wouldn't recommend the WELL MB-03 because the cylinder group is offspec to the original TM, sure AirsoftPro make parts for the WELL spec and they are good but at the end of the day that does limit you to only using AirsoftPro cylinder group parts. JG BAR-10 is hands down the best clone of the TM VSR-10 on the market.
  6. Haven't you HEARD? The READING curriculum in schools has been changed to READING YOUTUBE CLICKBAIT titles.
  7. Installed the black MWS NPAS, fps is consistent except every now and then it will spit a BB out at 20fps. I've also noticed that my nozzle sometimes doesn't stay with the hop unit for as long as possible and moves back with the bolt, I will revert back to the old rocket valve soon but just wanted to know if it could be a different problem?
  8. Heavier BBs will typically give you more range, try 0.28s
  9. Heavier BBs take longer to accelerate / reach their peak velocity (inside the barrel) so a short barrel like inside a pistol will see little to no joule creep. The longer the inner barrel, the more time the gas has to expand and accelerate the BB.
  10. Great Summary, might want to change the permission on that, I imagine a few of those forum spammers could deface it.
  11. Really struggling to get the pin out of the silver part of the nozzle spring set (see image), anyone else had difficulties? I want to change the nozzle spring to an uprated one so the stock one doesn't break on me during game day. The other pin on the black end comes out fine.
  12. Modify do a flat hop nub and bucking combo, some people swear by it, some people have issues with it. Never tried it myself.
  13. You can either shim the original cylinder guide rings with electrical tape or w/e. Or somewhere on shapeways there are VSR guide rings that are oversized (internal diameter) and so you can file those down until there is no wobble in your cylinder for it to mate with the hop unit at the wrong angle.
  14. Just recieved the TM XL 470 speedloader, can confirm the gas magazine attachment that flips from the underside works well with the MWS magazines. Feel really stupid for blowing about £50 on the HURRICANE loader when i got this for £16.
  15. Don't spend the whole 1 grand on airsoft, at least not in one go! You'll end up buying stuff that you end up not using and regretting. Less is more. Get a Specna Arms M4 or a G&G CM16. Get a reliable first gun that doesn't need tinkering and just works. Then get a more exotic gun down the line. Clothes, I would say go to a surplus store and grab either DPM or MTP (inb4 walt) always found that milsurp stuff is decent quality and you pay a good price. For chest rigs and the like, Avoid 8fields shit. Falls apart in minutes. Viper and Bulldog stuff is ok. Boots are important, everyone will chime in about their certain pair of boots being a godsend. For me, I got a pair of second hair Haix boots from my local surplus store and they have lasted a few years with 0 issues whatsoever. Get ankle protection! Eye pro, face pro and gun attachments are all down to taste and experience.
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