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  1. Get a shorter nozzle, @ak2m4 has a variety of nozzles, Bought an AK nozzle from him because one of my M4s had a similar issue (not as bad as 3mm mind).
  2. Something worth mentioning then: The Well MB03 cylinder area is offspec to the TM, down the line you'll have to stick to AirsoftPro upgrade parts only for the cylinder group. If possible, at least step up to the JG BAR10, its the best quality clone of the VSR. Personally in your position I would go for an actual TM VSR. Anyway, I found you a suitable spring: https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/springs-for-rifles/pruzina-ms90-pro-tokyo-marui-vsr-10-g-spec-detail I think a 0.4g BB at 1 Joule would travel too slowly to be particularly useful. But thats subjective.
  3. Think a ML setup might overhop the lower weight BBs he will have to use (even on lowest setting, could be wrong though). Get a Stock TM. Leave it alone. Or... if you really want to get the best out of it, Air seal mods and shim the hop arm to remove the curving design issue it has.
  4. A stock VSR10 is perfectly fine for your 1 Joule Limit.
  5. Downgraded at your cost? At the very least Patrolbase should do it for you for free.
  6. Just what I've heard on the field, Seeing as you've had actual experience with them then by all means the OP should listen to you over me.
  7. I would get the ICS L85A2, its better. G&Gs ETUs are very hit and miss, plus I've heard the blowback can lead to premature death of some of the internals. L85s take standard M4 AEG STANAG style magazines, as for the battery, its stored in the handguard so this is dependent on whether you want to swap out to the DD Rail in the future. As the plastic handguard will have more space for a battery.
  8. I see shattering with blasters too, thats often why they are touted as medium quality BBs.
  9. Not to be a dick and block a sale but the TM VSR Cylinders aren't particularly strong either, your gonna end up having the same problem down the line. Now if you can source a JG Bar-10 cylinder then your in the money, they are pretty strong (not as strong as aftermarket cylinders though).
  10. Their cylinders are for the Well clones which are slightly offspec and require a smaller piston like OP mentioned.
  11. Maple Leaf has one for £50 https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/vsr-stainless-steel-upgrade-cylinder.html It says its Marui VSR compatible, given its maple leaf, it very likely is.
  12. Price lowered for my broken Arcturus AR15

  13. Also someone here with wide feet. Bought a pair of 2nd Hand Haix from my local military surplus store, love them to bits. 0 issues.
  14. Don't be tempted to get into sniping just yet, it costs a lot more than people think and isnt as easy as you think it would be. I think a lot of people make that mistake hence the abundance of snipers on the classifieds. Can't beat the firepower of an aeg.

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    Broken Arcturus AR15 + Full alloy receiver and handguard + Civilian spec dimensions (Civilian AR parts should fit) - Missing bolt release button - Gearbox microswitch fried - Cosmetic Scratches - Spraypainted Stock and Pistol Grip Messed up when I tried to upgrade my gun, the gearbox shorted killing my battery and the microswitch, so the microswitch will need replacing. The gun uses a non-standard V2 gearbox, shape is different and I believe the trigger area may be different. However the internals (Gears, piston, e.t.c are V2 spec). Anyone more industrious than myself could probably find a new microswitch and rewire, or get a new gearbox from Arcturus. Comes with a small MLOK picatinny rail segment. Note the original gearbox isn't inside the gun, but a replacement sent from Arcturus themselves (which I managed to kill aswell) Don't hesitate to message me. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING (Mainland UK Only) AND PAYPAL FEES.


    Canterbury, Kent - GB

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