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  1. Well you would have to find out the length of the AEP nozzle beforehand, then find a hop up unit suitable first, and possible machine down accordingly. Also given the FPS AEP gearboxes give out, theres nothing wrong with using an AEP hop unit, as the fps is so low you shouldn't really bother with a BB any higher than 0.25g BB. Theres a few aftermarket buckings and AEP hop units out there so there are still options.
  2. 310 fps is perfectly fine. You won't see much of a gain in range by increasing the fps, heavier BBs will be more effective at increasing range. That being said, an m100 spring is only around £6.50 from @ak2m4 that will put you up to 340-350 fps. Its up to you if you want to spend that, but its not necessary at all.
  3. for the edge models it involves taking the buffer tube off (with the internal screw), nothing else. Its like an inbetween from their SAEC system and the EC system.
  4. Depends on the site, but for the most part you will need to be there for the morning check in and brief, its also when the guns are chronoed. Its an all day thing really, but check with the site first, you never know.
  5. Price jumped up as gunfire who were selling them for much cheaper ran out of stock, no need for specshop and redberet to have that low a price anymore.
  6. But it IS a replica gun, its fires a projectile, it has a trigger, barrel, e.t.c... I really fucking hope I'm getting trolled because I refuse to believe there are people that stupid playing airsoft.
  7. Because you will look incredibly suspect, Pack all that shit up in a discrete bag and get changed into it at the site. Also its a RIF, it looks like a gun and it replicates a gun in that it fires a projectile.
  8. They should of banned him because above 2.5j its no longer classified as an airsoft gun which I'm fairly certain their site insurance would not cover. As for the headshot thing, I don't mind being hit in the head personally (hell i only wear shooting glasses too) but its the fact that if he has a clear shot on the torso of the player he would choose to shoot them in the head instead because as I said it satisfies some weird sniper fetish he has. Also, I never called for headshots to be banned, I just said that he sadistically chooses to aim for the head when there is a 'safer' shot available. As for the name calling, idgaf, its a (relatively) free country, his name is shit.
  9. Gunfire has the TM M4 MWS for 390 quid atm. Right at the top of your price range. https://gunfire.com/en/products/m4a1-mws-gbb-tm-carbine-replica-1152210989.html
  10. they eventually did and now the site runs on joules rather than fps with 0.2g bbs, he didn't get banned from that site though, i think he got banned from a few sites across the country.
  11. basically firing a 0.2g BB at 500fps = 2.3j so with a 0.4g bb for example that is 350fps. Except you can setup a gun in such a way that fires around 500fps on 0.2g BBs but say 450 fps with 0.4g BBs, Cheating the chrono.
  12. pfft don't get me started on shitting orangutan, he plays at my local field and is an absolute twat, he used to joule creep heavily and aim for headshots over easy body shots just to satisfy his fetishes.
  13. What joule ratings do you guys get with the Stock inner barrel and 0.3g BBs? My home site is very strict on joules and I don't have any 0.3g BBs at home, would like to hear peoples results before I order truckloads of these BBs only to be disappointed that I can't use them. Thanks.
  14. Sent them my WE L85 for a repair and to implement a bespoke solution to a design flaw in the gun early February and got my RIF back late March. Communication on progress only really occurred when I asked by email. They were slow and somewhat irresponsive but the quality of their work was second to none and the repair was a very fair price. So, mixed feelings about them really.
  15. Airsoft AUGs are typically a bit shit seeing as the trigger bar is a weak point. ICS is a decent brand. But I dunno if I would buy used for my first gun if I were you.
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