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  1. We had a thread about this yesterday, along with many others, please use the search feature...
  2. Good suggestions but would steer clear of the Specna Arms Microswitch one, trigger area looks like a different shape, may lead to fittament issues. (Learnt from experience with a V2 gearbox that had a microswitch and wouldn't fit a receiver).
  3. Perun has a drop in MOSFET for the G&G guns with an ETU. Might solve your problem?
  4. Don't ARES gearbox shells have a slightly different shape around the trigger area for their EFCS mosfet?
  5. i bought seven from firesupport like a month or two ago when they had stock and my MWS was also from a recent shipment. I assume TM have changed the design of their MWS fill valves (rather than a QC issue) because as mentioned before I found that the nozzle of the fill valve has a slightly smaller diameter than the nozzle in the fill valve of my Hi-Capa fill valve.
  6. Keep me updated on the fill valves, hoping it fixes the propane adaptor issue it for you as it did for me.
  7. Now that I cannot answer as I haven't done anything similar, but I would assume it should roughly be the shape of the top of the bucking. (As if the shape of the arm contacts the top of the bucking perfectly). Edit: It should have the same curve shape as the bucking.
  8. Like Wolf said, I don't think the 60 degree bucking will be enough, but it will definitely put you in the right direction. If you were to attempt to dremel a concave shape into the arm, it would give you more hop settings before it goes over the top and starts jamming the BB (As the shape of your current arm is probably creating 'premature jamming' and an inefficient contact shape).
  9. 60 degree bucking, and mod the arm so it has a concave shape pressing down on the maple leaf. So the arm isn't VSR spec at all? If it is, you have two options, Stalker Panthera Arm + Concave nub, or the Maple Leaf Arm.
  10. If its the G&P outer barrel for the MWS like I have, then it should fit without needing an adapter ring. However, most mk18 rails require a few barrel shims to avoid barrel wobble.
  11. My solution to temperature issues is to tape a handwarmer to the mag, I can run propane / green gas even around 0 degrees beause of this "mod". If you dont like the look of a handwarmer on your magazine, putting it inside your mag pouch may suffice.
  12. Wiitech do a blank m16a1 lower but not the upper. May require getting an M16A1 upper custom made somewhere.
  13. Nope. Need one specifically for Marui GBBR. The normal RA-TECH NPAS is for WE GBBR and TM pistols.
  14. If there was an easy way to avoid UKARA, everyone would be doing it rather using UKARA. Just suck it up and rent for a few times, your not going to break the gun unless you are incredibly clumsy.
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