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  1. Hi Dannyncfc7. I have started good one year ago. Mainly for playdays I go on my own. It's not a problem to go on your own, soon you will meet like minded airsoft friends. Airsofters are friendly guys and girls, also site owners in my area are good and chatty (mainly ex-military). Just book your game day, be safe enjoy and have fun.
  2. In Norfolk We have Combat airsoft Thetford and Combat action games Norwich. For booking in Combat airsoft I use Chrome browser, other browsers redirect to some s... pages. I've booked for 3rd April in Combat airsoft CQB.
  3. Hi. It's the same like Well mb06, Nuprol tango t96. To find parts for this platform is difficult and pricey. Best bet is: https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/for-well-mb06-13 Advice - change cylinder, upgrade spring and piston, change hop-up unit, install beter barel and you will get good FPS and about 70m. range. Best luck with it.
  4. Good to hear that you found what cause problem. You can try JB weld to shim "tappet plate" it should hold well. About problems with tappet plate I read that they can crack but never read that it can be too long.
  5. AEP gearbox has cut off leaver, if its worn or gearbox badly shimed can not engage and gearbox shooting couple or more of bbs in one pull of trigger. Take off slide, black cover from top of the gearbox and check is it lifts up trigger leaver. It's at top of gearbox white plastic small piece. https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/6172/s/tokyo-marui-g18c-cut-off-lever-spring-for-aep-series/ This part is next to trigger contacts, in the centre of picture. Hope you will find what's causing double feeding.
  6. Story of my cm030. Bought second hand, changed battery to lipo type. Played a lot. Pistol started double feed. One of marshals advised to check ARL spring. I checked, he was right. When ARL spring snapped it started double shot, first bb goes in normal fps second at low fps. By sound it looks like gearbox fine but ARL not doing its job and let gearbox double feed. I know that its PITA to pull out gearbox from pistol but its your choice of what to do with it.
  7. Hi pLaGuEd. I had the same problem with pistol asvel. For my toy was broken anti reversal latch spring. I just unwinded one coil, made similar like hook that end and problem for me solved so far 😉. Maybe the same with your pistol gearbox.
  8. Ordered six days ago, arrived today. Added UKARA number, no any problems.
  9. @Rogerborg. Thanks for info. I know about leaky nozzle. When I get more free time I'll try to play whit it. A lot of info found here it can be useful for OP aswell.
  10. In any way need to pull out gearbox, it's not the easy job when you do it first time. Rogerborg have you managed to increase FPS to 250 on AEP. I've played with this with stock parts and my max is 210 FPS. In plans to change bushings and O rings.
  11. Hi gandalfthegay. If problem not in electric swich when could be in cut-off leaver, it's stuck in top position and not allowing leaver to reach switch. Another option could be bent leaver witch goes from triger, but be ceraful with it, it's very fragile and easy breaks (tested on own experience) To check these parts you have to take apart it, a lot of video about it you can find on YouTube. Cyma cm127 internals the same like Cyma cm030.
  12. Hi. Your rifle looks like this https://www.airsoftworld.net/king-arms-sig-sauer-556-shorty-airsoft-rifle-aeg-with-blowback.html I would advise to check fps ( do chrono check) before going for play, by gun description it's too hot for use in UK.
  13. T96 is renamed well mb06. Just Airsoftpro making replacement cylinder for it. When I broke cylinder I boght from them, very good quality despite the price. As well I would recomend better piston kit, original is not the best.
  14. Hello, You can try to check this http://www.airsoftmap.net/skirmish/ to find nearest game site to you. Best luck in game!
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