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  1. you want an underglove. https://www.dynafit.com/men/apparel/gloves/race-pro-underglove
  2. Lol yes I agree, i think that gearbox work is the very embodiment of the phrase "many hands make light work"
  3. Gas tube being non functional and for locating purposes can be "made" quite easily so I dont think that will be too much of a problem. My trade will assist with jigary pokary required for perfect fit up, might have to accidently slip at work, "oh no, how did that just fall in to the cnc machine and begin a program" 🙄
  4. Thanks guys. This is great info. @Gepard, if you got give me that list it would be great. I think that is the endish goal for the core rifle.
  5. That's great, thanks. I have done shimming and general maintenance but this is my first attempt at the pretty externals. Probably diving in at the deep end but that's how you learn to swim the fastest right? How does a "free float" work? I know the front sight post on the CM16 Mod 0 will undo with an allen key so I can more/remove it if I wanted.
  6. What I have is the basic sloppy inner barrel G&G supply, I don't want to stray too far from the basic m4/ar15 size or shape. I would like to put in a tighter barrel (6.03) maybe a little longer if I have the cylinder capacity. Key changes I would like to make is to remove the plastic (no rail) handguard, and replace with a 4 side RIS/RAS, not sure which one yet. Due to hop up location how much longer/shorter does the inner barrel have to be than the outer barrel? What length handguards will fit what length outer barrels (so I can decide what I like and where to spend my blood sweat and tears), i.e. 7", 10", etc. I don't really know where to start after that. I play as a rifleman, not specialist, but having the ability to quickly switch from rilfeman to support gunner with a mag switch and bipod fitted to rail could be the difference the team would need at a critical point. Mag and bipod will be held in my vest pouches during battle sim ready for a fast switch. Am I being a moron by missing the obvious, I hope not
  7. What inner barrel length goes with what hand guards and outer barrels?
  8. Hi, I'm looking into changing the whole front end of my CM 16 Mod 0, I would like to create a LMG/ rifle hybrid for myself. The gun is currently stock out of the box, well used but well maintained. I have been looking at the components for a while and do not know what I need to get, the measurements are confusing. I am looking for; Inner barrel Outer barrel RIS/RAS Handguard Flash hider/Suppressor (barrel ext). I'm a little lost, please help. this is my first attempt at converting it, only done the maintenance work so far. strip down & reassembly is not a problem. No photos at of yet. I will try to get some when I am able, its well and truly packed away at the moment
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