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  1. I think that maybe is problem a missing screw on contact system,very comon on v3 gearboxes
  2. Hello guys,i have JG G36 v3 problem, when i select to safety then trigger is normaly locked,when i put in semi i hear only trigger cracking(motor not working)and in automatic mode motor is spining and its shooting but i neeed to press trigger more on side than normaly.....do you know why is that hapening?how to i i solve that problem? btw sory on my bad eng :(
  3. nope, gun shoot 2bbs and lock... new...
  4. Man thank you for help, that was my first time to open gearbox(yee i close it after 4 hours fcking), i never ordered shims, or replaced them, i just take some out, now only question is how to set motor height right 😕
  5. Yes it has spring guide(fps change) First spring, i think 15 teths. I think i solved problem... there was a bunch of bushings, so i take away some, on every gear just 2,i try again and now gun never lock, watafaq... is that posible? btw, if i press air nozle its going in like im firing
  6. Guys, today i will assembly gearbox and send u pics
  7. Gun and problem are samee, exactly same https://youtu.be/sRr136IZt2M i will send you a photo guys in weekend, couse im on colegge, thank you for your help!
  8. When is in auto then dont lock so often but it lock sometimes, but in semi lock every shot, i will order new piston and try to adjust motor height, if that is not enough then i am done with airsoft... btw when i get new one (from gunfire. pl) i unpack gun and i try to shot, it shoot 3 times and lock, my fuse burned soo now i dont even have one, i shot without it...i had garantie 12 months, but i need to pay shipment 30€.
  9. Spring lock and motor lock,they both lock,when i press trigger motor is like he want to sping but something blocks him
  10. Hello everyone, first forgive me for my bad English I bought JG G36 and a breakdown had just happened. The spring is always stuck in the cylinder at the moment when it should crack, I've been relasing antireversal latch many times but this is still happening. I opened it and everything was ok, plenty of lubricant, cylinder great, Do you have any advice what to do? Maybe motor is high or low?
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