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  1. So where you say Shimmed, what do you mean by that? Yeah you're talking to a complete novice in airsoft gun equipment. But this knowledge is highly useful to me 😣 I've seen a vid on youtube where some lads use the 11.1v LiPo battery on a P90 TR and just held the trigger. It got warm but didn't break. Tho i wouldn't want to test this myself. xD I'll try get some 7.4v LiPo batteries and test it out. Does the 7.4v come in different forms or just one type? like narrow or wide battery?
  2. Right so i'm not 100% on my knowledge on which is the best. Recently one of my guns (P90 TR) batteries have died, well it is dying when i can only fire 10 shots before the battery is dead. So i've been informed by a friend that i seek a Lipo battery. Funny thing is my mate doesn't know which one i require for the P90 TR. So i'm hoping you guys would know which one to recommend for this? If so i'll need to know what type of charger as well. And preferable same for the G36C and M4. Thanks,
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