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  1. Amazed at how many people on the classifieds seem to have an endless supply of "as new, fired to test, never skirmished" tools for sale

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    2. Asomodai


      @skintrade I was just saying that I have sold a never fired gun on here before and it was legitimately never fired beyond testing. 

    3. skintrade


      Ah, fair enough, it read like a comment on Tavors 😉 The main crux was that I keep seeing listings from people who are continually selling stuff that has never been used, surely after the first couple of times you're going to want to start trying before buying and continually losing money?


      I would not in any way be suggesting some dodgy dealing, not at all. Never. That doesn't happen, ever...

    4. Druid799


      “‘Onest as the day is long Guvnor !

      now I’d never lie to you me lord ! 

      Never been skirmished swear on my children’s lives I do ! “ 

      off stage left , “ you haven’t got any kids , your only 15yrs old ?” 😳

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