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  1. If you want to cover a more bit of your body then browse some tactical vests. Some of them are adjustable according to the person size, http://www.reviewwind.com/best-tactical-vests/ The UTG 547 model looks interesting with multiple pockets and the size is also good for a big man.
  2. powlimo

    Plate carrier in the gym!

    That's quite insane. I won't go the gym with someone who carries it. And of all places why gym where we supposed to be relaxing and exercising.
  3. powlimo

    If the purge is real..

    I totally agree, w should prioritized the ones that are damaging the society. But the problem is that they are hard targets since they are capable of building big fences and secure their lives for that moment of purge. They have the ability to protect themselves since they have the money to do so.
  4. powlimo

    Never to old for CS

    I was not a fan of CS but I tried it 12 years ago. It was fun but not really my game.
  5. powlimo

    Hamster’s guide to the (sort of) science of pew pewing!

    Very helpful and informative! The misconceptions part is very helpful because it contains things that are oftentimes misunderstand. The nerd-time really boggled my mind but cleared it at the same time.
  6. powlimo

    Got the cash. Advice on first TM pistol please.

    I think Sig p226 e2 is a great option. However, you should consider the usability as well. Hicapa is cool too. If I've got enough cash., i will buy these two.
  7. powlimo

    Options for a beginner purchasing

    Good luck and have fun. You have to start playing so you can purchase. For a start, renting would be a good option or you can buy then you can resell it.
  8. powlimo


    Interesting channel. I'm sure you've got a lot of content in mind that your subscribers will definitely enjoy.
  9. powlimo

    First Greek Youtube Channel

    Great, thanks for sharing!
  10. If purging is actually part of our society, who will you kill first? Sounds silly but we better think. 🙂
  11. powlimo

    Looking to get into airsoft

    I'm sure that you're opting for an enjoyable hobby. Just know more about it and if it's really your passion, you will eventually discover a new hobby that fits for you.
  12. powlimo

    Baker Rifle Build

    I hope to see the outcome of this project. It seems amazing. Good luck!
  13. I loves Call of Duty WWII. The effects are just awesome. I can play it for hours.
  14. powlimo

    Look in the mirror , don’t like it ?

    I love my mirror. It gives me confidence. I hope the same for other people too. love yourself.
  15. powlimo

    R4 MP7 Gun problem

    I bet it has something to do with electrical connections. I'm not used to electric guns but I hope i won't have the same issues once I buy a new one.