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  1. Oh cool yeah i was non armband team but only done half day coz restricted on time that day. Im away when the next game is on but should be free to do the one after. Send me a message on instagram if you got it and i’ll let you know when were next going etc. My user is @evil.airsoft
  2. Yeah same lol well thats us it was a good day quite enjoyed it, i had to work out what guns were for me so i had the SRC Mamba to begin with which was heavy to lug around, we held back a bit coz my daughter never been in her life so wanted to see what others do etc. I personally prefered my ASG i think but never got to use it so next time maybe. Didnt get to use the MP5 either apart from on the range. I’m arranging a get together with a load of mates for a saturday sometime soon so not too busy as it got quite bottlenecked at some points. But yeah all round was a great laugh
  3. Yeah i bought my daughter along. I did try looking out but didnt realise it got so busy on a sunday lol
  4. Ah ok cool thanks. Not far from me either, i’m at Walton-on-Thames 😋
  5. Looks like i made a good choice going there for my first game then. I have a couple people coming with me when i go...does anyone know what the weapons are like that you hire?
  6. I will keep my eye out for you cant miss me, have all my own gear apart from the loadout lol. Carrying an SR4 Mamba and my sniper as aint to sure what to use yet and a beretta. Actually i have a black tac vest. But i’ll keep an eye. 👍🏻 Be good to meet some people doing the same thing.
  7. Lovely 😊 might see you there then not that i’ll recognise you lol
  8. Thats the place i want to check out. Going to be heading there for their next open day 4th Nov if anyone going? Will be my first go at it. Whats it like there? Are you able to keep gear in the safe zone etc
  9. Its a great gun, i got it from justBBguns which i know have bad reviews but its down the road from me and i went there and picked that. Full metal structure, works great and pretty powerful. One of my favourites.
  10. Close to the one i have 👌🏻

    How do you store you aeg rifles?

    absolutely love this! may have to build one of my own. hopefully without the missus noticing I've burned her clothes 🤣

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Last buy was this. SR4 Mamba along with a red/green dot sight

    PayPal alternatives?

    I've just used PayPal for my last 5 or 6 transactions and all of them had weapons but have not heard anything myself. hopefully they don't pick up on it and ban me lol

    Secondary Ideas

    See im having a similar thing with mine. Basically i have an MB06 sniper, SR4 Mamba, Mac11, Beretta and a Glock 17. I like to think i use the Mamba as primary with the Beretta as my side arm as i’ll be running around more or my sniper with the Mac11 coz its fun, and handy if someone slips past my sights and gets too close.