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    WE 1911 GBB as new

    Time Left: 15 hours and 24 minutes

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    I have my 1911 by WE for sale in matte black. It is as new, only fired a few times. No marks, scratches or wear. Comes with one mag leak free. I have a few 1911s this being my last purchase but can not pull myself away from my old faithful so this is up for grabs. Usual valid defence required. £70 no offers. Collection from Walton-on-Thames Surrey. Call or text 07935 000202


  2. Not too sure coz I never saw the cqb part, the fort we used during the normal day. I need to do a proper good few days instead of halves I think. And how do you become a member? I asked before and they said I don’t need to be a member almost like it wasn’t an option for membership.
  3. I didn’t realise they had a cqb village, when do they use that?
  4. Anyone been to any CQB sites around Surrey or close to? Need to try that out.
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    MP5 A5 full metal construction in as new condition come with 1 mag. Its had about 2 mags worth of test fire. AEG in perfect working order. Comes with battery but no charger. The extendable stock and handgrip is blue but have a new black handgrip to go with it (needs adjusting a little to fit) also you can buy a black stock from eBay for about £30 to make this look perfect. looking to swap for a GBB sidearm ideally by WE as I prefer full metal but will consider others. I’m interested in 1911s, desert eagle, beretta’s, Hi-Capa’s or glocks. Or £180 cash. Collect Walton-on-Thames Surrey. For instant reply text 07935 000202



    WE 1911 with two mags, battleworn look

    hey mate, im interested in this, is it gbb also where about are you?

    MP5-A5 AEG as new. Swap sale


    • For sale or swap
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    Never fielded only fired a few times at home. Has blue butt and handguard but i do have a black handguard that will come with it. Also a spare battery but no charger. Looking to swap fir a decent handgun by TM or WE like a desert eagle, 1911, Hi-Capa etc. Let me know what you have. Or looking to sell £160


  8. Oh cool yeah i was non armband team but only done half day coz restricted on time that day. Im away when the next game is on but should be free to do the one after. Send me a message on instagram if you got it and i’ll let you know when were next going etc. My user is @evil.airsoft
  9. Yeah same lol well thats us it was a good day quite enjoyed it, i had to work out what guns were for me so i had the SRC Mamba to begin with which was heavy to lug around, we held back a bit coz my daughter never been in her life so wanted to see what others do etc. I personally prefered my ASG i think but never got to use it so next time maybe. Didnt get to use the MP5 either apart from on the range. I’m arranging a get together with a load of mates for a saturday sometime soon so not too busy as it got quite bottlenecked at some points. But yeah all round was a great laugh
  10. Yeah i bought my daughter along. I did try looking out but didnt realise it got so busy on a sunday lol
  11. Ah ok cool thanks. Not far from me either, i’m at Walton-on-Thames 😋
  12. Looks like i made a good choice going there for my first game then. I have a couple people coming with me when i go...does anyone know what the weapons are like that you hire?
  13. I will keep my eye out for you cant miss me, have all my own gear apart from the loadout lol. Carrying an SR4 Mamba and my sniper as aint to sure what to use yet and a beretta. Actually i have a black tac vest. But i’ll keep an eye. 👍🏻 Be good to meet some people doing the same thing.
  14. Lovely 😊 might see you there then not that i’ll recognise you lol