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  1. Cant say fairer than that. Id like to think i sit in the quiet and unassuming camp. Just never truly understood some of the hate thrown about. In either direction. You pay what you can afford (generally), and then you get on with it.
  2. Far from a millionaire, though am a millennial. And incidentally, avocados are grim. Im just genuinely curious. It pops up a lot in airsoft circles. I dont imagine you mean anything beyond a figure of speech, but the vehemence some seem to use the term with has me perplexed. And absolutely. Only eat it if it had a face. In fact, cook the face (Beef cheek! Oh yes!).
  3. Curious what constitutes too much disposable income? Should we be donating anything above the recommended disposable income to llama sanctuaries and gluten free sandal shops instead? 😂😉 Im stoked for anyone whos done well enough in their career or engineered their situation in a way that allows them to have healthy disposable incomes. Mine is on the healthy end of modest by my standards (likely too much by some others standards), and ive worked damn hard to achieve it. I did my years of being skint working retail or entry level jobs. 😊
  4. Played saturday using the G&G. Cracking rounds, no issues aside a slightly weak mag spring on one of my heavyweight mags; hardly the BBs fault, the other 7 mags were fine. Really pleased with the performance and had a great day. Cheers again for your help!
  5. Retro for the win! Before i took a (lengthy) break i was working on fitting an M203, but i need to send that off to be cerakoted before fitting so it matches the rifle. Picked up the G&G, the test rounds ive fired seemed fine. See how she fares through saturday really!
  6. Ta, will do. I had it serviced before i put it away and its sat in a Pelicase since. So it should be fine. Ive given it a good clean since i took it out over the weekend and it looks fine. I put my BBs in the bin as i wasnt sure what 2 years sat in the bottom of an ottoman would do to biodegradable BBs. So ive not actually put a round through it yet. Ill pick up the G&G from my local and rattle a few rounds through this week. Thanks again.
  7. Amazing, thank you! Yeah, it was hop modded back in the day. Custom M727 build with the works. So unless its a new mod in the last 2 years it should be good to go. Thanks!
  8. Systemas can occasionally "chop" cheaper BBs. If the surface is imperfect or too soft, the bb will catch on the nozzle and then get smashed by the cylinder. This sometimes leads to half a BB being ejected from the barrel, and often ends up with BB fragments inside the gearbox. Something im keen to avoid. Used to use Excel .25 until they developed the problem (not sure why, guessing cost saving in manufacture), and switched to TM Perfect Hit. Seems theyve gone the way of the dodo in my time away from the hobby and im looking for something other PTW users use at the moment. Most of the people i know still in the hobby are using TM Recoils, which are more forgiving.
  9. Hi all, Just to give some context, im a returning player from a 2+ year hiatus; and things do seem to have moved on a long way. I previously used to use TM Perfect Hit .25 in my PTWs, as it got round the chopping issue (sadly Excel stopped being up to the job). But now it seems you cant get hold of them for remotely sensible prices, anyone know if they were discontinued? Either way, i wont be getting any Perfect Hits by the end of the week, and i was planning my first return skirmish for this saturday. Does anyone have any recommendations for good BBs that wont chop? I tried using search, and after 6 pages gave up. And my google-fu doesnt seem to be too strong. Can anyone help please? Thanks!
  10. Hello to all, Im a returning player, not touched my kit in well over 2 years. Gone from knowing my backside from my elbow to feeling like im in the Land Of Oz. Peterborough based, used to play at both FFZ sites (Urban Assault & Bulby) a lot. Travelled some too. Sadly found out some of my mainstay consumables (BBs especially) are no longer available. So its now a case of working out whats what. Hopefully i can get some answers here. Dont worry, i know how the search function works. Ta!
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