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    G&G Cm16 Raider, Asg Cz p09 , Cyma CM.356M Tactical Metal, Cyma M052 40mm
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    8Fields plate carrier Or Condor H-Harness Battle belt, 2 Dyntex BFGs, Custom grenade Pouches
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  1. Something like this is what my next project for my goggles, I'd be interested in seeing how you plan to tackle the fan housing
  2. New follower for my glock mag should last the weekend.
  3. Just picked up the standard maple barrel and auto bot bucking my self, not had a chance to try it out yet, but looking forward to seeing what it can do, easy to install as well. Recomend skirmish shop as well
  4. Hq Airsoft Driffield? https://www.facebook.com/HQAirsoftDriffield/
  5. Made one for my impact grenade using half a silicone tube cut in half Also started on a 3rd person mount for the go pro today, got to fill Sunday’s without a game
  6. Was just coming on here to do that my self. Bastards hope they catch them and get the stuff back, good site and bunch of guys.
  7. Assault 3 300 rnd High caps 1 150 rdn High cap 2 26 rnd pistol mags Shot gunner 9 30 rnd Shells 2 26 rnd pistol mags 2 90 rnd Grenade Shower shells For both set ups i have 2 90 rnd speedloaders and 2 BFG grenades
  8. do you have any army surplus stores around you? I picked up a rain mac for £6, that i have in my kit to go over my soft shell (which is mosty warterproof any way) for when it gets super wet. Its thin and light weight and lets you not worry about a bulky coat. Might not be tacticool but who cares if your not getting wet
  9. What eyepro do you use? goggles? why not attach it to them and remove the strap completely? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx7mxc5vn0A
  10. Not mine but spotted in the local shop, bullpup m14 ebr I belive
  11. Decided to add a grenade launcher to my cm16
  12. Me and a friend ordered a few things to save on postage and decided to both get a one of the cheap cyma metal shotguns they had on offer, they messed up. And sent us the none discounted ones that were £30 dearer each. So can't complain, both orders i and we have made came on time and everything was as it should be if not better
  13. Yeah i Was on the banded team and the bouy game was just a bit difficult to get out of once they controlled some areas, a bit more cover from the left might of helped, hopefully they will address it as they did say they had put some tires down on the runway area. Ill report back on after Sunday.
  14. My g&g runs fine with the g&g hicap that it came with and just as fine with a £6 cyma one I have, but stick the nuprol one that's was double the price I have loads of feeding issues which is annoying when it's double the price for the exact same thing just rebranded
  15. I enjoyed it. The game areas are great good mix of indoor and outdoor areas, I only had a few things I'd like to see them address. A bit more of a clear game area, got lost a few times 😂 a few colours on the buildings would help and spawns, with a bit more enforcement about shooting into the spawns , and a bit of rubble clearing from some of the stair wells, but over all the staff were friendly the games were good. Considering they have only had 8 games so far, I think Chris said?, I definitely would recommend it. We enjoyed it though we're off back on Sunday the 11th And they have done quite a bit of updates this weekend from what they have said in the group.
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