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  1. Supermoose

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Where did you pick that up from?
  2. Supermoose

    TaiwanGun soon?

    There a hollow injection moulded plastic, about 33 x 25cm in dimension with a slight curve, should be able to fill them if you open up the injection hole, ill try find your post in the classifieds and you can have them if you want as they are no use to me.
  3. Supermoose

    1st Gun Shortlisted post much research

    True but I can always throw a brick harder than I can throw a B.B.
  4. Supermoose

    1st Gun Shortlisted post much research

    I have a bog standard raider cm16 short, no mosfet etc or electronics to mess around with and I have to say it just works, yeah it has a poly upper but it’s light compact and just works. Out of the box it was doing around 320 fps though joules are more important than fps. The hop is great, and you can pick them up for any thing from £100-£130, that gives you room for batteries, chargers mags and everything else that are transferable to another m4 platform when you work out what you want from your gun.
  5. Supermoose

    TaiwanGun soon?

    Which ones? The plastic ones? http://www.taiwangun.com/en/dummy-gear/training-plastic-dummy-sapi-plate-set-8fields?from=related&campaign-id=6 ive just got a plate carrier from them on Wednesday and it came with some in I assume they are the same without the writing. i took them straight out, there about half inch thick hollow but too thick imop
  6. Nice grip with about 70% infill, lasted game day without any problem, need to find a shorted black bolt and nut at some point. Oh and a crappy touch holder that did not last the day as it already split, when i tightened the bolts
  7. Supermoose

    Hello from Leeds

    Hi, I've just got into Airsoft and am based in Leeds, I played my first game last week with some friends at Fearmasters Airsoft in Wakefield and i have to say it was a great experience. All the players were friendly and the site had great facilities, I've paint balled numerous times but i think Airsoft on a whole is a far more enjoyable sport . The only problem was i enjoyed it that much my bank account is not big enough for the things i want. From a new Player here are a few things I learnt. We played on a hot day 25c for parts in the direct sun and i have to say i didn't bring enough water! Though water was available during breaks and i had a small bottle with me having something that you can easily drink from during games is something i need to sort out. Knee Pads, the day before i went to a surplus store for long sleeve t-shirt and picked up some black hawk knee pads for about a tener and i have to say that was a good purchase, the constant up and down would of destroyed my knees if not for them. Helmet, I actually got this before as well so i could use it as a go pro mount (even though i recorded most of the floor! need to work on my shot framing lol), as my cap was useless and this saved my head so many times from the low doors and branches, so i recommend one if your a bit tall. I am one of those people that tend to get everything before i go into something (yes one of them🙄), For instance i already have eyepro, mask , battle belt, an AEG (long term loan) , spare mags, kneepads, helmet, camo pants, boots and a sling but if you have any recommendations on things to get next that would be appreciated. Tl:DR Hi, Played Loved it! Need more gear, more money and time!