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  1. Hi and Welcome Me and a few of my team mates are based between Leeds and Bradford, we tend to go to Fearmasters in wakefield
  2. I got some from specsavers recently as i am very short sighted in my right eye, and i'm sick of trying to shoot with the wrong eye. It took me a long time to get them to understand what they were for, just a tip take your goggles in with you and show them, Some of the staff probably won't know they offer the re-glaze service for these as i imagine they won't get many requests for them. P.s don't try and explain what Airsoft is just say they're for safety goggles lol , the you girl who was dealing with me just stared blankly. Pic of the ones that came with my Tango goggles if any one stumbles upon this thread in the future
  3. The suppressor didn't really affect my gas performance because its 3d printed and only filled with foam (well it did have foam in it it has gone awol now) so it was very very light so doesn't affect the barrel to much to make it noticeable. I would run the front kit if i had a heavy one as like you say it adds drag. The mag plates don't have a hole in the bottom for filling because of the loop, you could drill one in but you will need a long nozzle on you gas can, they are easy to get off by pulling down on the mag spring. They have some advantages as they do do protect your gas valve on the mag from dirt clogging, and help you get the mags out of pouches or the mag well if they dont drop out on there own.
  4. So your looking to do something like this ? This is sort of why I got my Glock for cqb I added the sas kit on the first one so you can see roughly what you will have to deal with if you want to run them together , I prefer to run it without as the suppressor is 3d printed so light weight
  5. Designed a custom hex sight for my glock the other week forgot to post it on here. still needs some tweaks to the fit but its strong enough to rack the slide with
  6. +1 for the Dynatex I have 2, the impact one that i got for about £40 on black Friday and A timed one. The impact one is great, some times doesn't go off in very muddy woods, but that's why i have the timed one, 100% bang rate, just a pain to reload quickly.
  7. Something like this is what my next project for my goggles, I'd be interested in seeing how you plan to tackle the fan housing
  8. New follower for my glock mag should last the weekend.
  9. Just picked up the standard maple barrel and auto bot bucking my self, not had a chance to try it out yet, but looking forward to seeing what it can do, easy to install as well. Recomend skirmish shop as well
  10. Hq Airsoft Driffield? https://www.facebook.com/HQAirsoftDriffield/
  11. Made one for my impact grenade using half a silicone tube cut in half Also started on a 3rd person mount for the go pro today, got to fill Sunday’s without a game
  12. Was just coming on here to do that my self. Bastards hope they catch them and get the stuff back, good site and bunch of guys.
  13. Assault 3 300 rnd High caps 1 150 rdn High cap 2 26 rnd pistol mags Shot gunner 9 30 rnd Shells 2 26 rnd pistol mags 2 90 rnd Grenade Shower shells For both set ups i have 2 90 rnd speedloaders and 2 BFG grenades
  14. do you have any army surplus stores around you? I picked up a rain mac for £6, that i have in my kit to go over my soft shell (which is mosty warterproof any way) for when it gets super wet. Its thin and light weight and lets you not worry about a bulky coat. Might not be tacticool but who cares if your not getting wet
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