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  1. Similar to the suggestions like @lukeB made, What other features would you all want from this? 🤔 Hosting wise its wouldn't really cost anything at the start and literally a few ads would probably cover that but depending on what features its really not a massive development job. Like @FreeFrag.UK said Your biggest issue is getting the data in there and maintained by the sites, once you have the traction and proven beneficial to a site, then it will self maintain, but if they are not willing to put the time in to add their events its a waste of time, then you would have to have it community driven and might not be 100% reliable data. P.s My day Job is being a very bored developer 🤣
  2. This might be of use to any one who finds this thread in the future or who is following this, Current rules regarding the importation of fire arms to the uk, as of july 2019, even though the filename says 2017 https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/819047/Notice-to-Importers-2922-Imports-of-firearms-and-_ammunition-import-licensing-arrangements-2017.pdf hopefully it will get sorted for you, especially if its just cos your UKARA number was worn off Notice-to-Importers-2922-Imports-of-firearms-and-_ammunition-import-licensing-arrangements-2017.pdf
  3. Just something to work on for a project on an evening.
  4. This could be a case of the Novritch effect.
  5. thanks for the suggestions, what would I be checking for? If this is the solution? The Seal around the gas route rubber?
  6. Yet another whats wrong thread ... I have an Extended mag that i've acquired for a couple of beers, but it has an issue where, it either just vents its gas on first shot or fires a couple of shots then just vents it all out, Mostly the first. 0 issues with my standard mags which have had 100s of rounds through them, so i'm not instinctively thinking its the hammer, yet. Already replaced the output valve (and O-rings) with a new one as i figured, it was probably that to start with and for the sake of a few £ it's worth a shot but no joy. I use Green gas in all my magazines, WE 18c gen3, Guns lubricated and the only modification to it are a Maple Leaf hop unit and barrel. Any idea what to try next? Could the choice of gas be an issue causing it to be out of battery or reset the hammer?
  7. What type of Forrest and what Season?
  8. Beg borrow or steal a chrono before you start start doing anything drastic (Your local shop will probably crono the gun for you if you ask nicely) it could be a case that the person using the chrono at the site didn't know how to use it and your changing things for no reason. Even a bit of sunlight down the chrono can give you wonky results
  9. I had a pair of these they lasted the day and worked well, had them connected to me speaker mic so i could talk, the problem was when i came to use them the next time. no radio or hearing amplification.
  10. Cam Man Did a day a few years ago at Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes
  11. The exact one posted in the link above, in full tan (CM.356M TACTICAL FULL METAL) Its defiantly sturdier, its a decent shotgun for a springier, they tend to go on sale on taiwan gun too, The only thing that puts me of using it more is i am cream crackered after 10 mins of running around with it and my arm starts to ache like hell. But it is fun to use.
  12. Just cos insurance as mentioned by Rogerborg.
  13. I have one of those, everything in black apart from the butt stock and front clip on sight is all metal. Its a fairly weighty gun and the pull weight to rack the gun is quite a lot, on mine at least and you have to but some effort in, so i wouldn't suggest running it all day
  14. Got Bored of my look on my M4 so decided to design and print a replacement for the standard front sight on the CM16 Ended up having to use some Pvc tube i had for the outer barrel because a grub screw would not come off the original. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3762579
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