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  1. Ace79

    Battery and charger advice needed

    Thanks for the advice! the batteries are 8.4v nimh in the rifles crane type. anyone recommend a place to get genuine b6 charger ?
  2. Hi guys i have three electric guns at the minute 1 x jg g36c 1 x Cyma m14 EBR 1 x ASG Challenger x17 pistol each has the normal standar issue battery and charger charger that come with each gone. does anyone know what the best battery/charger would be for each one ? New to airsoft and looking for any help/advice manh thanks
  3. Ace79

    New to airsoft

    Thanks everyone !
  4. Ace79

    New to airsoft

    Its cheaper than the sportscar ! Then again probably not
  5. Ace79

    New to airsoft

    Hi I know at 38 im a bit old but played at Manchester a few weeks ago as an experience and loved it. Looking to start getting there as much as I can around work n family!