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  1. @Duff I haven't really decided. I might even put that out there for suggestions.
  2. Duff, I don't really want to call it Speedsoft or typically any of the names being touted around by the various venues, players as they are either derived from paintball, America or named after a specific site (Who gets there name recognised first sticks (Vacume cleaner - Hover)). The point you make about "rather play in woodland or purpose built CQB' is exactly why I asked some of the questions, so people could tell me what they want from a site. I know don't worry about it. We all just need to stay focused. To get a potential new site for the players by the players - hopefully.
  3. OK, I think we have covered the data protection risks and the reasons why it's required. As a business owner, I for one am bombarded daily if not twice daily with calls from London, Manchester, Switzerland, Germany, HongKong, Australia to name a few. From expensive wine collections, health insurance, PPI, Pensions, Advertising in magazines that don't actually materialize (supposedly for adds in Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Police, child safety, crime prevention mags, the list goes on - lost £8K). Even a Russian gamer hacking my PayPal and e-bay & buying equipment.
  4. I’ll have to change it tomorrow, and thanks for the advice. I think gender can stay as required as there is a “rather not say” option. E-mail off Profession now not compulsory to move on age is now required but options are 12 - 17, 17 - 22 & 22+ https://goo.gl/forms/cCkE8hKd7ZbINnCD3
  5. That is absolutely fine, I think I've sorted it. It's only the first three isn't it age, gender, profession? the forth is: how often do you play. Please let me know if I'm correct and I'll post a new link. Gender would have been good to know, for women only games, and age would have been good for under & over games. Thanks for the positivity. Just trying to do a good thing for Airsoft I wasn't expecting you to, or be. I honestly don't think I was being rude by asking to complete a questionnaire or by defending myself against aspersions cast against me and my good intentions. I replied to some comments in the same way they were put to me and others with some degree of personalization to try and help people realize (obviously wrongly) I am not a scammer or a data whatever it is. Thank you for your closing best wishes and I'M sorry I made you feel this way. Here is the new link. I realised that the first question isn't even on my list of questions I typed in, it is, in fact, a checkbox which I have now turned off so it shouldn't collect the e-mail addresses. Please let me know. https://goo.gl/forms/VrZPfL1xx4V7QuhZ2
  6. I shall be dealing with the info, in the same way, I deal with my business, client's details as I have ICO registration.
  7. Why not answer the questions and state your case good and/or bad, this is one of the reasons why I put the questionnaire together to establish the general consensus. If a site owner knows what you want and how to deal with any issues then they can work towards providing it. thanks anyway. You're wrong, speak to Graham Hoffman of Airsoft Nation Magazine to ask about me, I actually spoke to him on the phone about this. I'm not hurt and I'm not begging, just don't fill it in, there's just no need for all the negative posts accusing me of being underhanded and scamming etc. I posted it with the best intention of getting clarity to make sure I was heading down the right path before I sink a wad of cash into a site hoping that people will turn up wanting to play the games I had planned on the site I had planned etc without the market research how would I know? no need to answer.
  8. I've written a number of different replies to this but deleted them all because I keep coming back to is REALLY! No problem, you could have spoken to Graham Hoffman of Airsoft nation Magazine to ask if I'm credible. I had an issue with a parking beat survey I commissioned for a planning application and the pictures in the report showed cars parked in the street, the planners wanted the company to blank-out the number plates so they couldn't be identified despite, they were parked on the public highway for anybody to see. Go figure.
  9. Somebody else in a FB Group I posted the questionnaire in offered a suggestion. "If you don't want to use your own e-mail or don't have a gmail account you could use a disposable email service like https://temp-mail.org" Really! - Call or message Graham Hoffman at Airsoft Nation Magazine, I spoke to him at length about this on the phone. Thank you
  10. I don’t need people’s e-mail address. I didn’t call it speedball, from reviewing various people’s posts and events I don’t actually believe anybody knows what to call it yet. I didn’t post it as a draft because I expect there to be plent of question to arise from the responses. If you want to offer any suggestions for question then please do so. Do you have any suggestions for how to get people to take the survey who dont have a google account? Thanks Duff, mane you can post that it’s not a scam & is a genuine Airsoft survey. You could speak to Airsoft Nation as we had spoken in some detail about my idea and how best to get responses. I understand your reservation. No prob did you want the question in a different way? If so how?
  11. I'm asking as many airsoft players, site owners, suppliers and anybody with any association with Airsoft to please complete this attached survey. it's not sales & it's not to collect your personal details. It's for market research for a potential new game site. interesting results so far. https://goo.gl/forms/FHN4AZzUdkv4OB9W2
  12. Is there a specific size of playing area - what is it?, Do they all use the same number of bunkers in the same layout and the same shapes? - How many? whats the layout? what are the shapes? I guess they will use the same site & gameplay rules as each other. Do they all use the same game style i.e. flag / button?
  13. Hi, I'm glad you have posted a reply, I'm especially interested in your thoughts on how you see this side of Airsoft going. Are you planning to roll this style out over the country at other sites? Will it be a monopoly owned & ran by you? Do you plan to team up with other site owners to create a league? I have more questions and more are likely to follow your reply. This all may read a little brash but just asking to get a feel for what's going on. My survey, I hope, will give the ability for all that fill it in to, air their opinion on how they would deal with the issues they personally experience along with answering issues raised by others. it's not intended for a place to spout off about who or what is the worst at anything. Only a positive way of dealing with them. P.S. I've looked at all the previous surveys that I could get to open and almost all are sales lead, mine isn't at all.
  14. I want this survey to be by the players, contributors etc for the players, contributors, etc. so the quality control should be by them, hence using you guys as a sounding board. I'll take a look, I would like the members of this forum to quality control it as I'm sure there will be other questions that arise from my own.
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