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  1. napalmjackson

    L85a2 or M16 VN

    Thanks for the advice I like having airsoft guns that are a little different I have a growing collection of ww2 airsoft weapons but was looking at getting something a little more modernish, so we have one vote for the M16 VN so far haha
  2. napalmjackson

    L85a2 or M16 VN

    I'm stuck on choosing the externals I like them both, although not a massive fan of the m16/m4 platform but the first one I have a soft spot for.
  3. napalmjackson

    L85a2 or M16 VN

    I am stuck for my next choice of airsoft primary, I'm stuck between an army armament l85a2 or a classic army M16 VN 2014 polymer version. Any help making this decision would be appreciated.