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  1. WE Browning hi power GBB, another pistol will be arriving on Tuesday
  2. Where did you get this and this looks awesome great weathering, good job, are those real wood grips?
  3. OK now I need to buy one of those for a beverly Hills cop cqb loadout
  4. Funny too because I ordered the original Cz75 as well as the hi power
  5. Does anyome know of anywhere that's sells a decent holster for a Browning Hi-Power, preferably a retention holster, but any holster will do. I was wondering since the Browning Hi-Power is based on the 1911 would the browning fit it a non-retention 1911 holster even with a bit of modification. Thanks for any help in advance.
  6. Thanks for the advice I like having airsoft guns that are a little different I have a growing collection of ww2 airsoft weapons but was looking at getting something a little more modernish, so we have one vote for the M16 VN so far haha
  7. I'm stuck on choosing the externals I like them both, although not a massive fan of the m16/m4 platform but the first one I have a soft spot for.
  8. I am stuck for my next choice of airsoft primary, I'm stuck between an army armament l85a2 or a classic army M16 VN 2014 polymer version. Any help making this decision would be appreciated.
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