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  1. Nothing wrong with a pistol as a primary for cqb, it's what I use now and prefer it for cqb. The first rif I got was a little Ares amoeba M4 pistol but ended up swapping it for a TM Gold Match and couldn't be happier with it.
  2. I absolutely love my gold match even though I've only used it once. The big appeal to me is the after market support and making it your own. I'm going to run mine until something fails then start getting all the fancy bits I want for it.
  3. Had my first game with the gold match last night and I'm really happy with it. It performed great and I definitely prefer the pistol to the little Ares for cqb as I can get into positions that I couldn't with the Ares. I also found myself playing more aggressively as I can react faster if I need to.
  4. My little CBR125 with a Blackwidow exhaust system.
  5. I found the Tracer helps me a lot in the low light conditions of the indoor cqb site as my glasses don't work well with my dye i4 as a result I have to take them off so I can't always see where the beebs are going. The tracer I've got is the little xcortech xt301 which is tiny and lightweight.
  6. That's kind of my plan in terms when I'm going to upgrade it, which is run it as is then get whatever I need as/when I need or want to. The only exception to that is getting a threaded outer barrel or adapter to use my Tracer unit sooner rather than later. In the meantime I'll be bouncing around different sites and YouTube videos for ideas of where/how I want to go with it.
  7. Ooh that looks like a dangerous site....all them shiny bits 😍
  8. Hi all I'm looking for either a threaded outer barrel or an adapter to use my Tracer and was wondering if you guys could point me towards a suitable site that has either/both. I wear glasses but they don't play well with my dye i4 so I have to take my them off when I play at local cqb site. As a result I can't always see where the beebs are going however the Tracer helps a lot. Had a look through firesupport but most of them are out of stock, though I'm not in a rush. Thanks
  9. Ended up with the gold match as my local airsoft shop/site had a couple in and they were looking at me. I also ended up with an extended 50rnd mag for it.
  10. I remembered I had some neoprene type shooting gloves from all of the air rifle stuff I had. I tried them in a game and to my surprise they worked really well,think the neoprene helps absorbs the energy but not so much that you can't feel the hit.
  11. Only just started airsoft recently and have only played cqb. I soon found out that gloves are a must lol, took one right one the knuckle of my thumb which wasn't pleasant and swelled up real nice also 3-4 rounds to my little finger which I think has actually chipped the bone (I'm on the skinny side and not what you'd call well padded lol) Also took a few to the neck at close range which wasn't fun.
  12. After giving this alot of thought I'm probably going to go for a TM hi capa gold match as I think I'll be playing at the local cqb site for a while, certainly over winter. Plus I like the amount of aftermarket stuff that's available and can make it my own in time. I've been bouncing around verious sites and there's nothing that's really appealed to me apart from the F1 firearms aeg that was released recently, though something tells me that it'll be all show and no go as it were.
  13. Last time I checked the ares was around 275-280fps with 0.2g though the groupings are reasonable for close range it does struggle accuracy wise further out, however it does seem to have decent range. I hadn't thought about a sniper and using the ares as a secondary, I'll have a look around and see whether that's a option to go for as well.
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