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  1. Jaffers

    Guarder Marui Hi-Capa Trigger.

    Time Left: 1 day and 17 hours

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    Guarder Marui Hi-Capa 2 hole tactical trigger. New. £7 all in.


  2. Jaffers

    MK23 Silverback Suppressor.

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    • Used

    MK23 Silverback Suppressor. Hardly used, very good condition. Postage Parcel Force 48. £30 + Pay Pal fee, postage included.


  3. Jaffers

    Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 4.3 mags.

    Time Left: 1 day and 16 hours

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    Tokyo Marui 4.3 hi capa mags. Fits 5.1. Gas tight. Very good condition. £35 + PayPal fee postage included.


  4. Jaffers

    bonjour, bonjour!

    Hi Brom. Ground Zero have Saturday games every other weekend. I take my lad to them as they have smaller numbers in players than a Sunday game and the game play is more consentrated so plenty of action. I've been playing there for about twelve years. Friendly site, good Marshalls. I believe they do the odd weekday game on a Wednesday? Martin.
  5. Jaffers

    Tokyo Marui Hi capa 4.3

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    • Used

    6.0 PDI inner barrel. PDI W hop rubber. Extended slide release. Short stroked, done so it still locks back. Postage with Parcelforce 48. OD green to brown to black. Very good condition. £95 + Pay Pal fee.


  6. Jaffers

    G&G/ASG 0.25g Tracers.

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    • Used

    A 99% full pot of red G&G tracers and a 60-70% full bottle of green ASG tracers. Both 0.25g. Postage Parcel Force 48. £10 all in.


  7. Jaffers

    Tac vest.

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    The vest is new and unused but I have cut off the three annoying quick release buckles down the front of the vest. Adjustable. Postage with Parcel Force 48. Price is all in.


  8. Jaffers

    ASG Devil 0.25g X4 bottles.

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    ASG Devil 0.25g bb's. X3 sealed. X1 opened to check quality then topped up. Postage with Parcel Force 48. £25 all in for the lot.


  9. Jaffers

    Xtreme 0.25 bb's.

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    Five sealed bottles of Extreme 0.25g bb's 2800 in each bottle. £5 a bottle. £3 Postage with ParcelForce 48. Thanks for looking.


  10. Jaffers

    Ares Striker

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    • Used

    Used once from new at Ground Zero. A few small sling marks on the rear plastic by the hook other than that very good. A lot of work has gone into this rifle to make all the internals work well and reliably together. All you have to do is choose your weight bb and set the hop up and away you go. Hard work already done for you. Suppressor, x2 new style mags, Marui inner barrel, AA fluted outer, AA hop unit, AA cylinder pin, PDI W hop rubber, bearing spring guide, EDGI 90 degree sears, trigger, piston. Ares grey cheek and grip set. Mag release tab removed as it was very awkward to use and remove the wide mag. Removed by release either side of the trigger guard, much easier. I can fit a lower fps spring if required. Postage Parcelforce 24. Thanks for looking.