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  1. Hooo that a nice idea ! Fiber optic (real one) if it's well installed (mean long stick, good sight how light the light touch the fiber, and good color !) and then it's amazing ! of course in pure dark situation a phosphoresecent paint it's a brilliant idea !
  2. Thank you all for your reply, I wanted to finally take the Kung-gu but unfortunately the order page of scopeandlaser.com is unsecure (see attached) Did you know another website where I could order this sight ? Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to install an fiber optic sight (front and rear) on my TM Hi-CAPA. But I'm hesitate between two model (if you know other good one I'm all ear) Kung-FU or UAC (see attached files) The kung-Fu come with the full rear system (don't know the name) and the UAC with a smal portion of it, will it fit on the stock rear mount ? Is it easy to install ? Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I just order an Hi-Capa HX1102 from AW. Did you know few website where I can see what exist as holster for this model ? and also belt if you know.. Thank you in advance !
  5. No problem, glad to have help to improve this great forum.
  6. Thank you for your post ! Ok so I guess I will go for a Hi-Capa 5.1 (lot of choice) with GBB. (not too much choice in NBB and the power difference dont look so huge) any good website where to order ?
  7. ahh now I see the option, before it was not there. Thank you anyway @Jedi_Master
  8. Actually I don't attach to much importance on the look, I just want that he fit my requirements.
  9. Hello people, Is there anyway to customise the background (the thing with the polygone) in the profile ? Thank you
  10. Thank you for your fast reactions ! But I should have been more precise in my first post, actually I'm looking for a Pistol BBG what Mean CQB ?
  11. Hello everyone ! I just started airsoft and now I have to choose a bbg (pistol). But damn the choice is huge ! Which brand are good and which one to avoid ? So here my criteria Resistant (full metal preferred) High FPS > 300 suitable for my big hand (3 XL) compatible for adding a optical fiber sight (or already included) compatible to mount later on a scope.. If you have any advice about acquire a BBG, links or what ever it's really welcome. Thank you.
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