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  1. Awesome, this actually answered a few questions I had. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Aye, I'll be renting. I used to work around the corner from the site so I know the area quite well. How did you find the CQB games? I've read mixed reviews.
  3. I'll be renting anyway, the site offers MP5's or AK74u's depending on availability. I just figured having someone check the gun in person would be a good idea. I picked the RIF up on holiday in the countryside, so I don't have the option of going back to the shop unfortunately.
  4. Alright, I'll keep it in mind for my first game!
  5. Once I've been to my local site, I'll ask if they have any equipment to check the FPS before I use it. It's CQB, so I doubt I'll be able to use it anyway but I'll ask.
  6. Hey guys, Just found out that the closest site to me is UKARA registered, so being a new player my first skirmish will be with these guys. Has anyone played here? Looking for some first hand experience, most of the reviews on their Google page are for laser tag and paintball as they offer a few combat games. Edit: just found the site review category, oops! Feel free to move.
  7. Hmm, with that FPS I'm assuming I wouldn't be able to use it on a site? Isn't the pistol limit something like 380? I'm completely new to the sport, slightly pissed off that I wasted my money on something that isn't fit for purpose in that case.
  8. That explains a lot, although I have to admit I didn't realise there were different categories of weapon - air and airsoft. How would I go about checking its temps after discharge? 070-004
  9. That's exactly what I thought, a RIF is a RIF regardless. I'm trying to find a UKARA site that's relatively close to me (I don't drive) to be able to go through the process of purchasing RIFs properly anyway, but with all the info on the sale of them I was shocked to have been allowed to walk out with one. I picked up a Tolmar GP P1 Mk7, the non blowback 6mm version.
  10. Hey guys, This will be my first post because it's been on my mind since the purchase and need to get it cleared up. I purchased my first airsoft firearm from a high street shop a few weeks ago. I went into the shop vaguely knowing about RIF laws/regulations, but was told that I could purchase a RIF pistol without defense, but if I wanted a rifle I would need to provide a UKARA number. The person took a copy of my photo ID and asked a few general questions, like what I did for work etc. Was the retailer wrong to have sold me the pistol?
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