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  1. How long have you got left to serve? (assuming your army yeah?) Also depends alot on what trade you are and what you wanna do. Send me a PM if you wanna chat about it
  2. Working overseas in CP pays next to nothing to what it did 15 years ago. When i left loads the younger guys and myself got into it and only did it for a few years because the pay didn't match expectations. Edit* I also remember signing a second document with a Spook when leaving basically saying i would write a book etc about my time in NI, lol
  3. Handed an m733 into them when they just started after they bought the old surplus store. Months later they fix it, no comms from them. Nice to see things haven't changed in all those years. NOT recommend.
  4. I don't know about the policing side of things, i was talking about the military (sorry should have made it clearer) Those certain units want grey man only. But i did meet a old 14 int guy who had full sleeves and was used once or twice because of them. Don't know about the Navy's rule but growing a mustache in the army was reviewed after a week or so. We used to grow them on tour had have a 'Crap 'tache competition' Shitest one wins
  5. Christ, go away for a few days... E21A, Let my hair grow out a few years ago and all my military buddys said the same thing: 'get a fucking hair cut' etc. Its what we do, no one here is attacking anyone mate. Clumpyedge, No idea mate. Also with the tattoos (and body damage, i.e Scars etc) you wont be doing any covert stuff anytime soon if you have them.
  6. Heavy metal viking loadout. Cant believe his CO lets him rock that length.
  7. Remember when i told you about the covert armed coppers that told me to move along and you me called a liar? Well i thought to take pictures of this event happening across my house at the moment Just look at that blokes beard! Biggest one i've seen yet outside of Afghan. Any Veterans seen longer?
  8. Bloody hell, think i'll pass on those 😬
  9. Sniper780 Where did you get the grenades from mate? Nice looking AK as well.
  10. Just watched it, and totally agree with you there. The part with the heli being over loaded and just saying fuck it it'll be fine also made me think WTF.
  11. Just gone to the shops, walked down the ally next to my house and walked into two covert armed police. MP9 and a Sig MCX if your wondering.

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    2. EvilMonkee


      Tell that to the mountain of payslips in my drawer.

    3. clumpyedge


      Ive had online payslips since I started work at 16! how peculiar!

    4. EvilMonkee


      RAF v Army mate, different ways of doing the same thing LOL


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    As the title and image suggests, after the lower hand guard as pictured. Thank you


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