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  1. its an old photo my friend tried to do an upgrade but it didnt work but i have put the wire inside the buffer tube now it should be good i will purchase a new sling as mine is pretty bad and make sure to get a little stronger
  2. thanks is there any other things i can do although the gun was heavy before i added the torch and camo
  3. im not sure but my friend said he made it longer for something
  4. sorry my friend gave me this gun and he put a full metal receiver on it because the pastic one broke
  5. the title said it all my gun is a bit heavy for me
  6. thanks i will ask the some friends i met on the field as their guns are great and see what they did
  7. this is just for future referencing i have started the sport and have loved it played for 3 months now and feel like the gun i have needs an upgrade
  8. sorry should have been more specific its an m4 and i want it for a high rof for a mid range field
  9. hi i was wandering how much it would cost to get a gun maxed out at a store on the general as prices will probably vary thanks liam
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