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  1. Hey everyone. I’ve searched the forum for any opinions on shotguns however not been able to find anything. ( there may be thread that I’ve missed) So I’m looking at a DOUBLE EAGLE MULTI-SHOT M56DL PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN. Wondering if anyone has one? Are they any good. I won’t be using it often; maybe for the random fun cqb game and to stick on the wall for looks. Opinions or suggestions. Not looking at spending loads of money. Thanks ☺️
  2. What do y’all think of this black/tan look? Tan stock too maybe?
  3. Okay so by the sounds of things TM is the way to go! Thank you guys!
  4. Thank you everyone! Mixed opinions on getting a 1911 as first sidearm! I love resident evil so might go with the beretta! But as you all said £120 is a bit cheap for a good one. How much am I looking at for getting a decent m9 i will be buying from roe in hadleigh
  5. Had a look through that and didn’t find it very helpful for myself! ☹️ His budget is a lot higher than mine also, just wondered if anyone had any opinions on 1911’s and m9/m92s that are any good. Google isn’t helping.
  6. Hey guys! So my next purchase will be a sidearm, I really want to know what’s best for performance and reliability. But also staying within a smaller budget (under £120) not too fond of the pistols that look like robocop... love the look of 1911/ M9! Please help!!!
  7. Well it’s all done! And I must say, for a first time it didn’t turn out that bad! As you can see im very happy for myself!
  8. I’m sure you’ll all keep a secret for me 😂 Had a look at the green and it looks real nice! Might add my own twist to it! Once it’s all done I’ll put a pic up! Big thanks to everyone who commented! 🤗
  9. Thanks a lot everyone! Off with the red it is then! Anyone could tell me what sort of paint would be good to use? And maybe what colour would be best? I’ve got a SIG 552 and it’s non two tone parts seem like a dark drey rather than a black.
  10. Hello everyone! So I now have my UKARA! Andddd... was wondering if I can re spray my two tone weapon now to make it no longer two tone! The guy at the shop said it was a major grey area and couldn’t really give me a straight answer. I just want the go ahead before I spray it and then risk (low risk lol) of getting into trouble. thanks 🤗
  11. Met some nice guys! Also met some not so nice guys 😂 but most people were really kind aha
  12. Had my first outdoors game today at skirmish Billericay! It was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
  13. Well I couldn’t go today something came up and me and my brother couldn’t get there! ☹️ There’s always next Sunday though! 👌 so sad!
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