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    AR AEG


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    Looking for a decent AEG in greater Manchester, usually use free adds to buy stuff hence why I’m posting here im seeing what’s available really close by let me know


    - GB

  2. Yes pal i would

  3. I really want the action of a bolt rifle but don't want the inconsistency of a Gbb... I'll be spending around 400ish so have a bit to play with
  4. what's people's thought on bolt they seem to make what reviewers are saying good electric recoil rifles
  5. why is that mate re the retailer name? I'm confused about a few things I get there are electric an gas guns I like the gas ones for the sound and blow.back but I'm not seeing in my searches electric recoil ? also do any of the electric rifles sound better than others or do they all sound the same
  6. As I'm new to this gig I'm looking a lot at gear in my spare time and there are a ton of makes for rifs and if it's anything like air rifles there are maybe 2 or 3 manufactures for every 10 that offer good quality. what are some good brands of rif I can start reading up on
  7. from my experience using gas (co2) powered air rifles and pistols they are terrible for target shooting Are they any better when it comes to use for air soft a lot of reviews seem to suggest they can be up to 100fps under AEG's
  8. what are your thoughts on the one in Wigan by the way ? an is their rental gear any good I'm going to have be using it for a bit
  9. the mill in Wigan that's been quoted is I kid you not less than 10mins walk and I have booked on for tomorrow. it looks good can any one recommend some more woodland like venues
  10. thanks mate I live near the centre of town pool stock of that's any sense to you. thank you this is what I was looking for
  11. this was the info I was asking for re the gun purchase
  12. what I was saying is I don't want to have to buy a two tone gun as I'm sure you have some black guns in your collection. if I'm paying 500 pounds for a gun then I want it to be one I like and I was asking does it take 3 months too clear and be able to this. I have no issue using a 2 tone but I don't want to buy one when its my money and I should be getting something I like
  13. I'm asking for advice on starting out buying basic equipment like the first guy said boots ext.not a gun I know I have to rent guns to start and they will be 2 tone what I was asking was will I have to wait 3 months before buying a black gun
  14. I have no intention of buying a rifle before renting. I also like the fact I'm being bracketed as a poser before I have even gone and cheating due to not wanting to buy a two tone rifle. I shoot ridiculous looking air rifles at hft meets part of the reason military SIM sports appeal to people is down to them being realistic or close to being realistic so I don't see an issue with me not wanting a 2 tone gun. hopefully the rest of the people I encounter doing this are nothing like yourself as I will have no chance
  15. which is what I planned on doing I have no intention of buying a rifle
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