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  1. Im really liking these three AKs but not 100% sure the difference between them are other then the obvious https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-028u-ak47-tactical-w-folding-stock?pv=4108 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-028-tactical-ak47?pv=4112 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm520-ak47-tactical-w-solid-stock?pv=3197 If anyone knows more about these guns and what makes 1 better/worse then the other please let me know I like the folding stock and the hand-grip. i can always attach a hand-grip to the other two but ofc the solid stock means more battery space
  2. Oh right so if I'm getting the m4 I should just look around 50 to 150 price range? And look for a good gearbox and stuff? I like the m4 you linked just missing the rails 😟
  3. They seem cheap and I love to play around with my toys. So you think they can withstand abit of clumsiness and what would be the difference to those and a 100 pound more gun?
  4. In the process of returning the gun. Just did not like the feel and a lot of parts moved when they shoudnt. The battery they gave me has to be forced in to fit. Just not what I expected from them. So looking at g&g m4s bulldog m4s and cyma AKs atm.
  5. I spent 200 on it and only just got it brand new and feels like it wants to break. So I'm sending it back and decided I want a £150 to £200 good ak with rails or m4 I hear g&g do good m4s but don't know if I'm getting a good deal on the inside of the gun or just paying for the cosmetic parts
  6. Think this might be the gun for me 😍. Ye I got the gen 3 because it's built better but this particular 1 feels really bad to hold and shoot Both look very nice but I'd prefer a longer barrel. My friend is getting the firehawk.
  7. I feel like I would fall over once and have to buy another one. It does look ****ing sexy
  8. I been wanting a m4 or an ak. I really love the ak47 look. But can't find a good one with rails. I love the m4. Because of how it feels and sits and how customizable it is. I have a budget of 100-200 pounds for the gun itself. Could anyone recommend some good guns? Bought a g36c gen 3 from justbbguns and it was just really poor condition and hated it. I am a beginner
  9. Thanks guys much appreciated. my neighbors are usually cool people so ill just give them a heads up i got a new hobby.
  10. Ok so iv made a net/catcher for my BBs when they hit the target. the gun in a little noisey and full black. nowhere near a highway and noway for the BB to go into the other gardens ( unless i miss horribly ) i should be A OK! right? to do target practice
  11. Do i need a UKARA if i someone gave me a RIF to fire it in my back garden at a dummy? also to have it onm y property do i need a membership or anything? What would happen if im shooting in my garden and my neighbor reports me and police show up what would happen? and its a RIF and i got no membership/UKARA
  12. Thanks alot man. this helped me a lot Been testing guns with friends and found my right gun and ready to buy. g36c gen 2 getting it two-tone ofc a two-tone is no different to the RIF right? just color
  13. Im 21 and i never done airsoft before. iv had a friend who went with other friends. but i used to play paintball back in the day So i can take a pistol that is full black without a UKARA to a field and play with it freely? So i should buy a two-tone untill i get my UKARA/membership sorted out? and use my own equipment at the fields? even if there full black? i can use my own equipment before my membership?
  14. Hey. i just got offered a blowback KJ glock. it is full black so i accepted. and now im getting into airsoft. but im not sure if i take my gun down to the site if ill be allowed it or not. Do i need to register for a UKARA? ( to apply for it i need a membership with a facility?) Does it have to be 2 tone? Do i need to get a member ship with a facility first? before using my own guns? Sorry if i seem reallllllly dumb. just new and want to get all i can😃
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