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    LCT SR-3M vikhr, LCT AKM, E&L AK74sutacticool, hicapas, TM MK23 and a not glock
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  1. The LCT Sr-3m I purchased and posted recently shoots 330 with a 2fps variation, good trigger response on a7.4 lipo. I can't fault the gearbox and if I wasn't going to change it completely I'd leave well alone. my well used LCT AKM just has parts replaced when they wear out (which hasn't happened yet after 33,000 bbs) so I got bored and changed stuff anyway because I can't help myself. Unless you get unlucky I would say you can't go wrong with LCT as a manufacturer, dont need an LCT vss vintorez, really want one dont need an LCT 9.5 key mod AK, really want one dont need an LCT G3A3, really want one really don't need an LCT PKP, really, really, really want one and so do you if you want any kind of support weapon
  2. An as-val but close enough I may run a ps-01 or something similar when funds allow but there are more things to be done to it before then,
  3. Could be If you can work it out from the clue below you should worry because that means your mind works like mine hosea 8:7
  4. Latest purchase, doesn't look like much yet but hopefully all will come together over the next 3 weeks
  5. Might try that on my teeth!
  6. Probably like to whiten your teeth too!!!!😂😂😂😂
  7. Xt 60 offer the same benefits of a deans connector butslightly bigger but, once you have soldered a few dozen deans and tried to disconnect a battery with sweaty hands mid game you start thinking that these things could be improved upon. Then just as you start to come up with some really good ways to improve the solder contact ( maybe make it curved to form an easier channel for solder) or why not make it from a better polymer with better mouldings and a grip panel you find out that lo and behold it already exists. plus they come in tacticool black or red or yellow ( I like the yellow ones because they match my teeth)
  8. Don't bother, go straight to xt60
  9. Look up brain exploder on YouTube, he gives a sort of review and sorts one out
  10. Have to agree with tackle on this one, the Airsoft 6mm bbs are as good as you need, the sites determine the experience 50m flat with a sorted gun is as good as the majority of people can shoot anyway. we don't need to make them any more "real" it will just attract the wrong kind of attention from the general public and people that want "realistic" guns. Plus it's only a game, I've owned shaky guns and whilst fun, a realistic shooting experience they are not. i like Airsoft because of its relative safety, I don't want muppets around me with simunition dry firing in the safe zone with their last round still in the chamber etc with explosive launched projectiles winging around because unlike .30 bbs simunition hurts if you want to play at this and add realism join the reserves then hope you don't get sent on active duty
  11. osteoshot

    LCT AK74

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    LCT ak74 triangle folded stock has broken off at the hinge, the clasp and hinge still works so if you are handy with a welder I'm told it's a straightforward fix Asg improved torque motor tight bore stainless inner barrel extends to flash hider flat hopped wired to deans spring bearing upgrade shoots straight with good range 328 fps approx two AK hicap 1 rpk hicap 1 AK mid cap does have the AK shuffle with the selector but safe semi auto are all working


  12. osteoshot

    CYMA m14

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    Ex two tone Cyma m14 shoots full auto only. Safety works fine painted grey mottled, seen some action but is sound and shoots well brand new stock barrel bucking and hop unit bolt works as it should 9.6v battery included with charger brand new unopened Cyma midcap shoots340 fps consistently, unfortunately the cut off lever is worn so full auto only would make a good base for a post apocalyptic type gun as shoots well


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