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  1. I had the middle red dot on original post, no complaints when I ran it on an Aeg but unfortunately my Tippmann destroyed it within a few shots
  2. I don't disagree with either of you, 1j is not the legal limit though if he was referring to N.I specifically then I apologise for misinterpreting the post.
  3. I'm all for the wouldn't it be nice type discussions but fps limits at all the sites I've played on err on the side of caution for our own protection physical and legal As others have put it we have it as good as we are going to get it, and the idea of people running private no fps limit games and such like do not help the hobby. My own opinion is that if you even think about tinkering with a gun you should own a chrono, for your own protection and err on the side of caution., running to the limits puts you and the hobby at risk before you even go into the moral aspect of potentially hurting people. As this is an open forum I believe that providing others with potential ammunition (pun intended) via some comments however well intentioned, could be used to shut the hobby down. There are are enough tools out there running around ( as previously reported) on housing estates with their rifs trying to to do that for us, no one outside the hobby is interested in a news story about responsible players Re rogerborgs comment - I don't disagree with it as I hope I have shown with the comment above, just feelthe wording if read by someone with an axe to grind could be misinterpreted as a lot of people run their rifs over a joule legally without breaking 340fps let alone the 350 hard limit imposed by many sites.
  4. I wouldn't even venture to think to write such a comment. Supplying your own rope and all that.
  5. I prefer closed red dots for woodlands as when it rains the pinty style reflexes in my ill informed opinion really annoy me when they get wet and distort. I can just rub the lenses of my tube style red dot (and for approx 30 secs till it gets wet again) and I'm good to go. plus shooting both eyes open lessens the impact of a tube
  6. Have you looked at the other Russian rifs, I run them and they are not so common on the field- vals, vintorez, vityaZ etc. Each to their own but bulpups leave me cold, hideous bagpipe guns
  7. Well spotted, forgot that sicario2 ump, it looks good on an mk18 in mile22
  8. Fair enough, just seems that it would defeat the object of owning a rattle gun and then making it silent. having previously owned a Tippmann HPA gun I wouldn't know where to start to make it silent.
  9. Good to know, thankyou. Will save my pennies for something better
  10. Recommend you look at this one for no other reason that I quite fancy one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Airsoft-Gun-Scope-Mounts/Tactical-Solar-Power-Airsoft-Release/B00KX7QQ0S
  11. I love them, would struggle to justify the cost of the standard model but at least you can upgrade it via the website then you get access to all the fancy functions of the advanced v3 install is easy, haven't done a v2 yet
  12. Ah the joy of fitting your v3 gearbox checking and rechecking that all the holes line up and then just as you close it all up you see that the trigger is on the piss because the trigger spring has popped one of the trigger parts out of alignment currently summoning up the courage to open up my Tm ngrs gearbox to fit a gate Titan, fitted 2 previously to v3 gearboxes but they are easier and I am familiar with them. lots of coffee and a swearbox to hand I think
  13. LCT vityaz was fun first time to get to the gearbox, even more fun to reassemble as several grub screws were missing due to to previous owner, now takes minutes but compared to a standard LCT AK it's a pain i actually enjoyed the m14 (only because I bought a boneyard one to learn on first) and when I owned one it took about 10mins to get to the gearbox/hop unit, just as I got good at it I sold it agree it's a fun job getting the bolt to work, what annoyed me most was the v shaped flat spring clip that retains the hop unit, just got to love it when the bent end won't go into its slot when putting the two main parts of the metal body together.
  14. You like to live dangerously, I once wrote Alsatian and got no end of abuse. I believe the owners like to call them German Shepards, (funnily enough not Nazi Death Dogs).
  15. Probably not a Tippmann as the bolt moving makes loads of noise, if the whole gun was silent then look at a wolverine mtw possibly or he built it himself with a stock aeg and an HPA engine
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