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  1. Training plates aren't for me but if they make skirmishing a bit more challenging and fun for someone then crack on - its not a h&s concern imo. If you use a gbbr and have a water bladder you are close to training plate weights anyway. No,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never felt the need to carry more dead weight, if you want to train with weight carry more useful stuff like ammo and water. just ask any marine, when carrying weight on a loadcarry do use a. Your private dumbbell/gym plates b. Rocks clue the answers b only idiots put heavy useless valuable kit to add weight because if something goes wrong and you're told to ditch the weight guess who can't because they paid good money for it  
  2. On 11 July 2019 at 15:56, osteoshot said: and that's it, no more. excuse me while i fail to take that statement seriously..... it's true "and when Osteoshot saw the breadth of his collection he wept, for there were no more rifs to buy."
  3. A used tm hk416 and another wolverine inferno gen2 engine. and that's it, no more.

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    Through no fault of its own this poor CYMA M14 socom has found itself needing a new home. Its heartless owner has been seduced by an HPA system and now finds itself in its box all day getting no attention. Can you be the person to give it the love it truly deserves? This is my CYMA M14 socom skirmished once so in great condition, it was the only non Russian gun I owned and I have always wanted one so here you are. Unfortunately I used an HPA system that day and that's all I use now. This gun is in great condition, boxed and has had the following mods shoots consistently at 345fps replaced the plastic cylinder head and nozzle with the green CNC aluminium SHS double oring cylinder head and matching SHS oring alloy nozzle. (Will supply originals also). New piston oring and aoe checked. Really consistent fps now due to the above mods new flat hop bucking with s-hop and bridge nub, I use .28 but can hop much heavier gate pico mosfet fitted with new silicon coated heavier gauge wiring to lower resistance, better trigger response and saves contacts with lipo use connectors are xt-60 but will supply an adapter for deans or mini tamiya whichever you prefer to charge the battery sling In box comes with 2 mid-cap magazines 2 hi-cap magazines double mag pouch, pistol mag combo in multi cam choice of batteries, Nicad that comes with the gun is included, you can then have stick 11.1v lipo for snappy response and higher rate of fire (but increased wear and tear) OR a massive 3300 mah 7.4 lipo that fits easily in the stock that I would use and will last all day and is still snappy on the trigger Dont need or want to sell this but as its too good to leave in the box someone should get to have fun with this as with .28 bbs it will give any sub 350 fps gun a run for its money when range is concerned, save yourself the cost of tinkering, this is good to go Price is complete including PayPal and postage UK buyers only


  5. I have a Cyma m14 socom, it's the only non Russian Aeg I own. I have mid caps, hicaps they all feed with no problems. whilst it is a long job to service the gear box and hop unit, (even compared to an pp-19) the only thing I changed in the gearbox was the cylinder head and nozzle now the fps is really consistent would agree with big stew, the range on these things is great due to the quality hop unit and indexed clicks on the hop adjustment wheel make sure the settings stay put. couldnt justify the money on a G&G proprietary mags and £200 difference? Would rather buy a CYMA a new cylinder head and nozzle, gate pico mostfet and a massive 3300mah 7.4 lipo (to take advantage of the space in the stock) then spare mags and some pouches and you might even get the scope bracket and a cheap red dot (Don't bother though the iron sights are ideal) for the same price as the G&G and you are good to go. with a flat hop I doubt you will be out ranged by very many other sub 350 fps guns as these are really good bits of kit. if you just WANT a G&G full length and no matter what you buy you keep googling them just buy it. you are just putting off the inevitable by dithering (speaking from experience!!!).
  6. Final coat done, time for you all to rip it to pieces сука блять
  7. Old faithful got a makeover/make under (depending on your point of view) because she was looking tired All ready for Sunday
  8. I run HPA for one reason only, the noise or lack of, I can't be doing with so called "sniping" a like to use cover and stalk targets. As 50% of the time I found myself using my mk23 I built a gun to do the same job that wasn't a bolt action and didn't need a med never shot it full auto in anger, it is set low fps to take into account joule creep with .32 bbs regarding broken fingers it's easy to do with a bb, just doesn't happen that often. liken it to a large window, if you hit it with your hand with quite a large amount of force you still won't break it until you reach its elastic limit, sharp little tap with a small hammer and crack
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale an ares efcs programmer used once, in box, essential to reprogram ares guns to 7.4 to 11.1 lipo or change fire controls price includes PayPal and posted


  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale my mint condition glock style pistol in box with the bbs supplied and an Allen key for the magazine hi kick model, co2 powered, great range with .28. Fired 1 magazine to set the hop and not used since as all my kit set up for 1911's comes with two spare of the most stupidly expensive magazines going at £30 each both unused so a total of three magazines This is a winter ready gun being co2, it fits glock compatible holsters (tried in mates) as is effectively a v similar pistol just not for me so someone else should have the fun of it price includes PayPal fees and postage to uk only


  11. Hello, where abouts are you located re collection? regards
  12. New to me, full refurbish, very happy
  13. So from this To this So so where to begin. It appears my idea of shoots perfectly is not necessarily the same as others. ive heard of tactical maracas but thought that applied to hicap magazines not the gun itself, when I stripped it down the lack of screws etc explained the noise I will just list what I had to do to get this back to what I wouid be happy with. remove all two tone paint trunion grub screws, yeah probably need those folding stock pin grub screw, yeah probably need one of those too. stripped hop unit screws, check AK lever shuffle check loose front grip reshimmed shooting straight, naah curving right after 20m new hop rubber and s-hop now dead straight zenitco pts-1 stock cheek piece bolt missing stock pin had been drilled out instead of driven so no longer exists so unable to replace with a standard one as top eyelet now had a 6mm diameter hole and bottom eyelet and stock had a 5mm hole 4mm diameter stock pin had been used so stock had a little🙄 Wobble to say the least stock 2mm too thin so had to make a spacer to go with a new custom fabricated stock pin to eliminate vertical play shimmed folding bracket now no unnecessary movement reduce from 410 to 320 fps, thankfully gearbox had been left untouched and LCT had built a good one repsray in Matt black to hide faint remnants of previous dayglo new shs motor because I had one knocking about new wiring harness with thicker silicon wire and xt60 connectors just needs a gate Titan to shorten the trigger remove contact trigger issues in the 7.4 lipo and its cqb ready good job I like AK variants!!!!!!!!!!
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