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  1. I saw and personally think it’s a bit overpriced a cyma rpk in bits with parts missing £320 £320 for a boneyard rif cyma!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!! must be made of laylax and Prometheus and shizzle
  2. I won’t argue with that Ps those scopes are available for £80 new
  3. The only way I could see that being worth £320 was if it came with 4x£50 notes stashed under the top cover. i enjoyed the scope price too, £100 over retail for a scope that is not working I wonder if anyone would like my empty mars bar wrapper, only eaten once £5
  4. I had an a&k, negs it’s heavy and the barrel/suppressor is a dummy so you are stuck with the front end. trigger is heavy but does work more effectively on two shot function than the krytac mags are 200 round hicaps but can be temperamental and get stuck/unwind its not an exact replica but close enough plus points shoots really well with good range and accuracy due to a decent hop unit better standard battery space over the krytac Mine was consistent at 2fps variation and on two round burst was very effective you do get what you pay for with vectors and the krytac holds it’s price better than most saying that the gbb vector owners will probably say the kwa vector blows the krytac into the weeds
  5. I would second this, my dmr is hpa semi only and I can run around at 350fps at sites that don’t allow dmr and with a twist of the regulator it’s a dmr. No stress on gearboxes plus it’s super quiet
  6. My new favourite !!!!! on this site a cyma rpk no motor in pieces no magazine £320 for a boneyard rif. WTF!!! must be made of unobtanium
  7. Fn Scar sc finally a scar I would like to own in Tm NGRs form please( if Tm are listening ) https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsoldiersystems.net%2Fblog1%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2018%2F01%2FIMG_6232.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsoldiersystems.net%2F2018%2F01%2F19%2Ffn-scar-sc-now-available-to-u-s-law-enforcement-customers%2F&tbnid=TSR6EpVPV2n0EM&vet=12ahUKEwj3u9LsxcLmAhWBwIUKHaxHAFoQMygGegUIARCHAQ..i&docid=FTMUecz4zHAAwM&w=1124&h=1018&q=fn scar sc&ved=2ahUKEwj3u9LsxcLmAhWBwIUKHaxHAFoQMygGegUIARCHAQ
  8. 9A91, it's the only one on the list I'd want, and I love my LCT sr3m but think it's not as pretty as the 9A91
  9. Fancy a swap for a beast of an A&K vector with six hi caps, two 11.1lipos a red dot and torch with remote switch i could collect/swap up to you
  10. At the risk of sounding stupid that stupid bullpup just got made stupider
  11. I like it because it's quiet. And I can pretend I'm a ghostbuster with a tank on my back
  12. As an aside if you must have bells and whistles at a reasonable price the armourers works are genuinely upgraded we and are better generally but they are like a souped up Ford Focus great but still a Ford Focus underneath however if you run pistols exclusively TM if you want a decent hicapa with a plan to upgrade its TM if you want to upgrade for competition it's TM the answer to any other questions it's TM
  13. I love my specna, it's my go to winter gun when I am going crawling in the mud and don't want to mess up my nice E&L and LCT steel toys. runs great as an Aeg and the alignment for HPA was a perfect dropin It's not vfc external pretty or wolverine mtw bombproof but I run it and it does not skip a beat
  14. Feeling the hate, I got called out for a hot HPA rif yesterday. three different chronos tested the gun yesterday mine before leaving on .2 and .32 the game site chrono in the test area to get my tag and lock the regulator in game when my hot gun was complained about amazing how powerful 1 round at 1joule with a .32 must feel (incidentally that's with joule creep it sits at .89 joules on .2) and I don't even use full auto cos I'm too tight to waste heavier bbs let alone pointlessly over shoot people like the drum mag arp tools running around yesterday
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