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    LCT SR-3M, E&L AK74sutacticool, Evotek scorpion, hicapas, tm 416 shaky,, TM MK23, glockity glock
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    Russian Jimjams in partiz

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  1. Just need this for the full sicario soldado look
  2. Hey , I have a boneyard honey badger if you fancy a trade
  3. Build quality on Evo is solid, shoots as well as Tm, no rattle sorry simulated recoil. evotek means I have trigger response for cqb, and a flat hop for range outside. compact for everywhere indoor or out, but you can buy three lengths so take your pick the best quick change Spring system on the market ambi safety ambi mag release i own a tricked out Tm 416 and I have to admit that the Evotek nudges it on performance but that's only on compactness. in every other way there is nothing in it
  4. On here electric rifles tokyo Marui custom
  5. Nice to see that in the current climate that someone feels confident enough to post a rif for £1700 plus
  6. Is there really a b&t mp9 gbb on Airsoft hub for £900 ???
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Here is my Scorpion Evotek brilliant in every way and better than the standard model by a good margin still has 6 months warranty in carry case Comes with 2 x 11.1 lipo magpul style fore grip plus rail covers anti stock wobble clip red dot with covers 4x mags 1x hicap mag suppressor adapter sling mount rear front sling mount missing shoots 340 fps on 115 105 Spring included for cqb limits no swaps or trades please


  8. Fancy a swap for a fully specced plus extras scorpion Evotek
  9. I love these accounts, wait another few years and he will be really salty when he sees how much kit a motivated civilian buys with his hard earned when it’s to sustain a hobby. Take nods, I would need to sell a kidney if I wanted a pair but good luck to those who want to buy them. If he’s lucky he might see a pair on the quartermaster store’s shelf
  10. Scorpion Evo i had one, sold it because it's so good I got bored and regretted it bought another Evotek version it's just so good even better with Evotek
  11. Hello, I have an unskirmished bolt m4 sopmod with extras rewred with gate pico. running at 290 FPS so no stress on the gears. Flat hopped for range. Shoots well with strong recoil in mint condition.
  12. They probably do given the numbers that exist. Very good at reproduction
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