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  1. Mushy or marrow fat? oh canapés my mistake
  2. I f you continue to use class as a reason to justify your message you will undermine its credibility. Useless, selfish parents are the problem and class is irrelevant the children just suffer in different ways. The poorest are just easiest to see and wring our hands over, when you support the feckless with policies that encourage state support rather than individual responsibility why would people change?
  3. Time Left: 4 days and 10 hours

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    Here I have a mint condition unmodified Tm scar l cqc NGRs in black, performs perfectly as a Tm should only wear is to the Black of the rear sling swivel where a one point was used. completely stock. Comes with the magazine (unused), two midcaps with magpul tabs magpul foregrip and a red dot protector. will be supplied with 2x7.4 lipo batteries that fit in the stock easily price includes postage. bought as a back up to my recoil but don't use it so it's got to go.


    - GB

  4. That’s not a Makarov!!!!!
  5. The game looks good but the 4 episodes on YouTube are more realistic than anything else I’ve seen
  6. I agree, I run my hpa semi only at standard uk full auto joules. I do this because it’s quiet and good for sneaking. I don’t want high rof because it gives my position away as does trigger spamming.
  7. Tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella from a buffala not a buffalo thank you
  8. Depends what you consider a pizza to be I guess. if the words deep pan and hawaian feature on it then there’s no hope for you
  9. Wait until skara sees this pizza debate!!!!!
  10. I keep looking at the kwa t6 ronin, the m4 style
  11. Bull pups everywhere!!!!!!!!!My eyes, my eyes!!!!!🤮
  12. You can use the ak to beat the P90 to death
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