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  1. Tru hop is my favourite, haven’t used anything that beats it. I find the prommy purple feed lips are generally too loose
  2. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m4425 unprecedented Or for the illiterate, unpresidented (unlike the U.S that appears to have two)
  3. 82, I repeat 82. the Current average age of a death from covid. Average uk life expectancy 2019 81 Covid, is it really that newsworthy? or is it a really good way to divert attention away from brexit no deal?
  4. osteoshot


    Just used them, best service I’ve experienced in a long while from any retailer not just airsoft. would highly recommend
  5. There you go boris is putting the army on the streets to police the public. i won’t go into how deeply disturbing this is from a civil liberties point of view but just let’s not have anyone doing what a certain U.S airsofter did
  6. My favourite sentence to do with data analysis is “the stats don’t lie” as an undergraduate studying stats I don’t think I have ever seen a better system making lies and falsehoods seem true. im with Churchill on this “the only statistics you can trust are the one’s you have falsified yourself”
  7. Don’t worry, I’m cynical about the Russian vaccine. My poorly made point was that some people’s reaction to putin’s statement Was probably “that’s boll*cks” and yet are happy to accept enforced changes based on computer modelling that may or may not be true
  8. I think you are being a bit cynical there, if they say they have a vaccine, why would they lie????🙄
  9. I do enjoy a bit of doom laden scaremongering based on predicted guesswork. when this started France and Spain presented us the future with a 2 week lead time. they are doing the same now and our scientific advisers appear to be Ignoring the data to give us imaginary figures when France and Spain’s graphs in real time bear no resemblance but hey ho the economy doesn’t matter It appears And don’t get me started on the cure is worse than the disease in the bigger picture of healthcare
  10. K.I.S.S i want an impact grenade that I can put on safe and ideally use several times quickly oh yes the trmr multi ticks that box i want a completely different shaped delayed grenade that is not impact triggered so I have options for most scenarios and won’t confuse the two, oh yes dynatex have that covered. what I don’t want is an overly technical, highly likely to break grenade that I need to check the instruction manual every time I wish to deploy it and probably get blown up by someone with a Cheap paper flash bang whilst doing so
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