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  1. Simonwwfc

    Upgrade list

    Early days for me upgrading my jg vsr g spec so far I’ve bought aspuk sniper one m150 spring , aspuk vsr type b hop lever , aspuk sniper one barrel spacers , action army vsr 10 45 degree orange piston , action army spring guide . I haven’t fitted any of it yet until my upgrades are complete . Any thing else you guys can add to my list
  2. Just spending few quid and upgraded my piston to a sniper one costing £45 I’ve also ordered there gold m150 spring , should I stick to buying all my upgrade parts from there to complete my jg vsr 10 g spec or mix and match
  3. Simonwwfc

    48 year old from bucks newbie

    Anyone else around Buckinghamshire area looking for some where to play and meet others
  4. Simonwwfc

    G Spec or Standard VSR 10

    I’ve just bought g spec jg with only upgrade spring it’s pretty awesome so far no issues
  5. Simonwwfc

    Battlezone airsoft pitsea Basildon

    To be honest it’s my fault I didn’t really shop around wanted a genuine tm vsr g spec but read loads and was advised get Jg g spec and buy upgrades when funds allow. I just received email from them advising two tone service takes 48hrs and also fitting my spring . So didn’t get it despatched yesterday so won’t arrive till Tuesday
  6. Simonwwfc

    G Spec or Standard VSR 10

    Watching this thread regards changing standard barrel or not
  7. Simonwwfc

    Battlezone airsoft pitsea Basildon

    Rifle package with scope and bipod , bbs , new spring etc
  8. Guys wanna look at buying few upgrades been looking through forum etc now my rifles a vsr 10 g spec Jg . Wanna replace the standard barrel if possible to something more better but not costing a fortune I’ve decided sniping is for me . So wanna upgrade parts when I can when funds allow it’s all stock other than spring many thanks please go easy lol
  9. Simonwwfc

    JG Bar-10 Video Review

    What about doing a jg vsr 10 g spec review
  10. Simonwwfc

    Battlezone airsoft pitsea Basildon

    Thanks 🙏 very hard to get a answer when you try and contact the shop Worse comes to it I’m hour away can get in car and drive down

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    As above please looking for upgrade parts


  12. Guy can anyone give us some feedback on theses guys placed order on 17th status was pending on 18th prosessing and this still my status hasn’t changed, paid for Royal Mail 1st class no email sent to track order as advised by shop
  13. Simonwwfc

    budget sniper rifle under £200

    Thanks guys well I couldn’t wait I’ve ordered a jg vsr g spec picked it up for around £160 new with scope I’m trying to find a nice bipod to go with it , now what upgrade spring is best to go for ? What about guarder m150 power spring for £14.99 Thanks for advice
  14. Simonwwfc

    48 year old from bucks newbie

    Thanks guys