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  1. I don't know honestly, I just know what a tech at a shop told me. They have elite force glocks, and it took forever for them to come out. When I asked why it took so long, he told me because Glock made elite force destroy prototype after prototype until they were perfect. I did end up getting one from an online retailer, and it's a freaking best! It works amazing! https://modernairsoft.com/collections/airsoft-pistol-glock What kind?
  2. Yes, it's a great choice, if you can afford it. It's not perfect, as nothing is, but for the price it's the best gun on the market. https://modernairsoft.com/collections/vfc-avalon-vr16 Really the only gun I'd say you can say that about is something that WAS a gun, and then the seller put better parts in. Something like the Umbrella Armories Krytac LVOA. That is pre-upgraded! Yeah, it's an amazing gun, and with that 12 month warranty on it it's all the better!
  3. I ordered one a few days ago, the only place I found them in stock was at Modern Airsoft they give you a free mystery gift with every order too! I'm not arguing with free stuff...
  4. Definitely 416, since it's airsoft there's really no advantage to having a longer barrel. The 416 will perform the same as the m27, but will be lighter and easier to carry.
  5. idk for sure, it's just made really well. To actually get the Glock liscense from glock ef had to prove that they were amazing guns like the real guns. Glock made EF destroy millions of dollars of prototypes before they officially gave the go ahead. They are crisp and smooth, and shoot really accurately.
  6. Is it? A buddy of mine put a new hop up bucking and barrel into his Elite Force Glock 17...
  7. That's definitely impressive, I'm going to try to get to shoot an Elite Force Glock sometime soon. Then I'll see...
  8. I wouldn't recommend replacing anything, the avalon has a one year warranty on it and if you replace anything the warranty will be voided. The cqb length is short enough for cqb, and I'd recommend it for anything actually. In airsoft the barrel length has almost no effect on range or accuracy, so you could use this gun outdoors as well.
  9. My buddy has an elite force glock 17 that shoots to 100 feet really accurately. But really any handgun should do.
  10. I'd say go with the 416, it's lighter and shorter. But if you can get both do it.
  11. there is really no difference between the cqb and rifle length, except the length. You will likely have to downgrade the spring for cqb play though.
  12. Wow, that's harsh. The EF glocks must be really good! I am going to have to decide, TM or EF... I do want it to be a sturdy gun, metal slide would be nice.
  13. So the running theme is Tokyo Marui, is there a reason they are better than the others?
  14. Looking for a good pistol that is under 200. Any suggestions? I like to stick with US weapons, and I want it to be pretty light.
  15. I got it at modern airsoft, they have great customer service, and a free mystery gift with every order. But the warranty is from VFC, and the store you get it from won't matter they all have the warranty.
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