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  1. Bullets, pellets and BB’s don’t fly straight. Find a comfortable rest, shoot at a target five times, adjust, five more and repeat. If you’re zeroing a firearm/air rifle you’re looking at sub inch groupings (or less); with an airsoft rifle and the ranges we play at, if you can hit a dinner plate sized target consistently then it’s about as good as you need!
  2. In my brief time playing airsoft, I’ve only come across one person that was persistently cheating with not calling their hits. My local CQB site, where I’ve only ever played at, seem pretty fair and thorough. With the gentleman in question, he was spoken to by a Marshall, spoken to again, asked to sit out a game. He left in a huff. They also put a mark against his name on their database (everyone, even guests, signs a waiver for H&S and is put on their system). The marshalls are always very vocal and clear about cheating. They also take people moaning about it just as seriously. If you have a problem, you go to a marshall, and they deal with it. The CQB site I play at has an elevated “tower” in the middle of the site, and if they need to they’ll walk the site too. It’s not huge (10v10 is pretty crazy), so they can monitor players pointed out to them quite easily. They will also “test hit” people; even if you haven’t been brought to their attention, they’ll do random tests to make sure everyone is playing fairly. It it works really well, and I’ve only ever had a good experience there, and a lot of the regulars comment on how they find it a good place to play too. They must be doing something right; they now run two games on a Saturday and Sunday, and they’ve just dropped the price too. If you’re a first timer, you only have to pay for the rental, and not the game.
  3. I’m in exactly the same situation as you, exactly the same AEG. I’ve been using .25s, and I only really play CQB at the moment, so range isn’t too much of a consideration....but I want to have a tweak and smooth things up a bit. Currently debating the most economical options.
  4. No, but I’ve only been pew-pewing for about 9 months. What i I did do, is read up on the subject, searched this forum and made a sensible decision. Two things I knew I wanted to do when I got my own RIF was run a LiPo via Deans, because it just makes sense. Bought a decent charger, and a quality battery, and honestly I struggle to see how, unless I mistreat it, it’ll ever fail outside of the normal degradation expected from any battery. Most of the horror stories are akin to people stabbing smart phones with a knife and then acting surprised when it sets on fire.
  5. Not even a year into this sport, and I’m constantly looking at other pews pews. All is fair in love and bb war. I went for the Raider 2.0 in the first instance because M-Lok is sexy, so I keep looking at the newer Krytac’s and their M-Lok rails...yum. There’s a lot of variety in this thread, so I didn’t want to drag it down with “just another” M4! I think I’ve put more into the accessories than I did the stock gun.
  6. I know an M4 is an M4 is an M4, but below is my Raider 2.0. I’ve very much enjoyed flicking through this thread looking at all the pretty pew pews, so thought I’d share mine! Not pictured is my TM Hi-Capa ‘coz you all know what they look like.
  7. Quick update; Playing last week, the site’s smoke machine rendered the flashlight useless. 😂
  8. Yeah I’m not planning on being team’s lighthouse. Messing about at home, I have noticed this is a thing. I’ll play around abit.
  9. It’s a half decent torch so I’d imagine it does what it says on the tin. I couldn’t see for **** after accidentally shining it in my own face, if that counts for anything haha. You make a good point about the strobe function though. I might just use the stable light and go from there.
  10. Not sure if this one for GD or not, because it’s more about etiquette rather than suggestions or feedback on gear. I’ve recently purchased a flashlight, because the CQB site I play at warrants one at times, and others have used them with great success. The one purchased has variable output, reaching up to 1000 lumens...its f’ing bright! Is is that a bit OTT? Is strobing someone’s retinas into something that resembles slow-cooked pork a bit of a dick move? I get that the whole point is to blind and disorientate opponents, but I don’t want to be an a-hole either. Thoughts?
  11. I cant see any exposed connector showing to be honest, but I may just cut the shrink tube off and get some new shrink tube just to neaten it up. Thanks again guys.
  12. Spot on SD, thank you. Didn’t spot the 2.8mm connectors under the shrink tube the other day. Sliced the shrink tube to loosen the connectors; I’ll get some insulation tape tomorrow just to be ultra sure nothing shorts out accidentally. New sling attachment in place now. 👍
  13. This seems like a daft question, but I want to replace my sling point on my AEG (Raider 2.0), but to remove the buffer tube, I need to cut the fuse off, because it won’t pass through the hole at the bottom of the buffer tube. Am I good to just re-solder the wires back together, or am I better off re-wiring the whole section and taking apart the gear box? Even as a newbie this doesn’t intimidate me, but I don’t want to waste time unnecessarily. Cheers!
  14. TM Hi-Capa 5.1, another mag, a holster and some pistol mag pouches. My first sidearm. Have had my eye on one for ages...but after a lad on Saturday let me fire his mid-game, the timescale got moved forward a bit haha. Any advice on best gas to use? Haven’t owned a GBB before.
  15. My first ever game was in a small CQB site. I wore a pair of cargo trousers and a causal polo shirt. Had a few beebs break the skin on my forearms, but that doesn’t actually hurt. It’s once the polo shirt became sweaty and clung to me that body shots started to become uncomfortable. Only one that really hurt was one right on one of my ribs. Next game I wore a light weight fishing jacket I had, where I could 100% still feel the hits, but it took the sting out a bit. To be honest, learning the site and learning how to play was by far the biggest difference between game one and game two, and not so much what I was wearing.
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