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  1. Polluxtroy69

    Face Prtotection

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01KDWEB3G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_aIgoCbE9F2CZM I have this. Perfect
  2. Polluxtroy69

    Nuprol hard case

    Time Left: 6 days and 1 hour

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking to see if anyone has a good condition Nuprol hard case before i buy one from Amazon. Delivery included in any price offers please. But I can pick up if you are close to BB12


  3. Polluxtroy69

    WE XDM 3.8 Gas Mags

    Will these fit the standard size WE XDM? Scratch that. They wont.
  4. Polluxtroy69

    G&G Predator - clean barrel before first use?

    Along with the fact that G&G pistons are known for their teeth stripping
  5. Polluxtroy69

    G&G Predator - clean barrel before first use?

    Will save you the effort looking for an email [email protected] 'Apple' is likly to reply. Great english and very helpful.
  6. Polluxtroy69

    Mystery box from extremeairsoft

    I would never part with my cash to buy an airsoft mystery box. Its expensive enough as it is without ending up with a load of gear you dont need/want. Send it back. Get your pistol.
  7. Polluxtroy69

    G&G Predator - clean barrel before first use?

    That piston damage is not caused by a dirty barrel. I would also love to know the place that has said this.
  8. Polluxtroy69

    CYM M4 upgrade.

  9. Polluxtroy69

    M4 upgrade

    Exactly what i did with my G&G GC16 Predator. 280fps to 326fps. I also put a bit of plumbers tape around the bucking /barrel.
  10. Polluxtroy69

    CYM M4 upgrade.

    You shouldnt need to change anything other than the barrel length mate. Especially if you are not bothered about upping your fps. If you are looking at paying to replace the barrel then if the one currently in it could be cut down to size. Obviously get it professionally cut and crowned. Thats my thought mate but someone could offer even more help.
  11. Polluxtroy69

    M4 upgrade

    Do you mean 290fps not 390fps? Dont worry. Looked it up them figures seem right.
  12. Polluxtroy69

    G&G Predator - clean barrel before first use?

    Very common to happend on the CM/GC 16 piston.
  13. Polluxtroy69

    Cutting down the price - Airsoft Starter kit

    Im guessing that youre looking for opinions? First off, that mask is awful and over priced. I got the mesh/padding one for £7 posted. If you are going to stay interested in airsoft then i would spend a little more on a RIF than the combat machine, as you will very likely to be wanting to upgrade; although it isnt a bad RIF But its all upto you. Its your money.
  14. Polluxtroy69

    Air seal, what next?

    Nice one Adolf Hamster. I think spring upgrade will come at some point along with upgraded piston etc. Ill grab some .28 / .30 at somepoint then. See how she gets on. Again thanks for the reply
  15. Polluxtroy69

    Air seal, what next?

    In short (for me) im on the right lines when it comes to what i am trying to achieve? Fantastic read up by the way, brought back some maths lessons and brought on a bit of a head ache but well worth the read. Its my first gear box I have opened as I do like to tinker - lots and lots of youtube videos have been watched too.