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  1. Yeah, MTP came in 2012 officially. Maybe I'm confusing myself about the UBAC thing, I've seen DDPM UBAC's but they're probably not issue then.
  2. I don't think I made it clear that I wanted to re-create an early 2000's light infantry British loadout, not a like a Falklands or NI loadout.
  3. When I play Airsoft, British MTP (Multicam) is my main uniform pattern with the exception being my chest rig which is British DPM. I already own a fair bit of DPM/DDPM kit but I want to expand my arsenal of kit in that area. Tomorrow I'm going out to look at DDPM shirts for MilSim, but which would go better with a chest rig? DDPM UBAC or 95 Pattern Shirt?
  4. What about the MK6 Riot Visor instead of lower mesh mask? They were used in N.I.
  5. Yeah, this is where the S10 comes into play; It offers full face protection, assuming I go ahead and buy safety outsets or replacement lenses, meanwhile suiting the infantry look with a more CBRN twist.
  6. I guess to give the re-assurance to the Marshals that I'm wearing some sort of full-face protection underneath.
  7. Yeah. In all honesty I just wish I could wear a balaclava with my MK6 however most sites require full face mask as I am under 18.
  8. Hey guys as a side one, if anybody wanted a reference to the Airsoft "Safety Outlets" they are here.
  9. That's exactly the reason why I'd love to use it. It maintains realism while most of the time not fogging up.
  10. I am aware that there has always been complaints about the breath-ability of the respirator, even from the servicemen who used them themselves. However, I am striving for a fully realistic pre-2013 British Army Infantry loadout by the end of the year, including Respirator. I already have a Mk. 6 helmet, by the end of the year I'm aiming to phase out the M4 I currently use for an SA80.
  11. I'm currently looking at S10 Respirators (ex-Army Gas Mask which has just been phased out of British Military service,) to be used as a realistic full face protection mask. It's quite an iconic British Respirator, however is it safe?.. Some variants of the S10 come with Polymer Lenses however apparently most S10's, particularly early variants, come with glass lenses which most Airsoft sites will likely deem unsafe. Now - there are safety outsets on Ebay, designed specifically for the S10, but they are quite expensive for a couple of re-enforced outsets. Would you guys consider the Respirator safe without the addition of the Outsets? Or no. edit: a lot of people could argue that "they were designed for the military so they surely should be safe" but im not eager to have glass in my eyes.
  12. Welp hey that's what I was told when it was handed back to one of the Marshals. (Not that is had gas in, that it had run out of air.) Otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Me and this guy were holding off an opposing force from a building, the guy who I was with had purchased a rental pass which meant he was given a standard site rental M16. The weapon itself looked like, as you would expect, an M16. But the real discomforting thing about it was the massive gas tank which was connected to it at the bottom behind the pistol grip. (it looked a bit like those large gas bottles on the bottom of a paintball gun.) This guy needed to do something, I forget what it was, but as he did it, he handed me his rifle. I was laying down cover with this rental weapon, it was quite nice to begin with, until it ran out of gas. When this particular rifle runs out of gas, it goes into an uncontrollable state of fire even if your finger is off the trigger. Long story short, I was suddenly operating the equivalent of a fully automatic light machine gun in a single shot only game mode. After absolutely pelting about 5 people in the corridor I apologised, and with absolutely no idea about what just happened, because I'd never used this type of gas airsoft rifle before, I had no idea what to really do next other than just pick up my regular AEG and carry on playing. It was low-key kind of funny at the time. I'll probably just be sticking to my AEG for now. *I refer to the gas canisters as containing "gas", but as I was corrected, it was High Pressure Air. My Mistake.
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