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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. I got used to using the 3x magnifier on it's own so can see what you mean about having just enough zoom. Looks like i have even more googling to do now!
  2. Haha thanks. It is my old bf3 profile picture so i have no idea why it defaulted on here! But yeah, mesmerizing.....
  3. Thanks for advice, really helpful. I guess i was blinded by the scope and bipod and thinking it was a great package but you are right, money saved could go to better parts. Will get googling about the switch tip too. Cheers!
  4. Hi all. So i started out with a nuprol DPD (started cheap!) which was eventually refunded due to an issue. Since then i took a gamble and placed an order with gunfire which got me a spartac m4 (even cheaper right?!) Using a red dot and magnifier And a we 1911 (gg). The theory being that i could learn the insides and out of the m4 and not feel bad about money spent. This has worked out well really, i have also gained a g and g that is now a stubby with a red dot and it's been fun so far. Both boxes i have opened and shimmed, tried some springs, different buckings hops and the usual. Sorry for the waffle...so i am thinking about the next purchase and i know there are loads of threads about but here goes...DMR...potentially. I want to try something different from m4 and you see loads of them on site. So i haved eyed this up.. https://gun-fire.co.uk/product-eng-1152219192-SW-20BM-carbine-replica-tan.html Something about that front end that i really like. And at roughly 400fps, if i lock it to single shot, i am set at my regular site. I don't know much about internals on them and the page is locked in polish so a bit stuck. Now if the advice steers me away from DMR for that one, i may just power it down and use it as is. So are the upgrade paths looking similar as any other m4/dmr build? Or am i in a dream world thinking that this would be a good purchase? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all. I have been looking for a decent site for information and got to say this one looks great. Based in Leicestershire i am a member at The Department and regularly attend the MAW on sundays. Outdoor skirmishing is more enjoyable at the moment, while it is warm so currently prefer range over close quarters. I'm not the biggest spender, prefer a bargain that needs some tweaking. And that is usually my problem in life...i can't stop fiddling with things! Anyway i will be posting up my first request for advice real soon. Thanks!
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