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  1. G&G GK5C for me, loved the look and feel of it, it arrived hot, like 370ish so I took it to local shop, asked for as close to 350 as poss, got it back at like 280, terrible air seal, really inconsistent. Also had bad feeding issues, after all issues fell completely out of love with it and sold it on as boneyard.
  2. I've got the viper (gen1 and 2), as above comfortable, adjustable and very durable. Washed the gen1 tons of times never lost any colour. Yet to rip any of mine would deff recommend.
  3. The latest family photo...
  4. Batteries charged, mags loaded and gear ready, bring on Proving Grounds!

  5. Lol Nope, does a good job of hiding the real me 😂 looking at the photos, looks same just sans pouches.
  6. I can't comment on that exact model but ive got this : https://www.military1st.co.uk/10740001-mil-tec-m-release-molle-combat-vest-olive.html Im 18 stone, 6 foot, and it fits spot on for me. Decently adjustable too.
  7. Ahhh CQB, you've been missed!! IMG_20200725_181526.thumb.jpg.56ebe7513c2582ff6a5381ed6e09ad23.jpg

    1. Rogerborg



    2. Skara


      Meanwhile I get invited to games but refuse because it's too hot to even breathe :D

    3. Lokai


      Was about 18 here last night which is about as warm as I like it running around indoors 😂

  8. Ah cool, ive seen people play with them there before so sure it'll be fine. Usually run pistols so will have a back up or three!
  9. Urgh that might cause problems tomorrow night then!
  10. Nah, I got it cerakoted. Daft question (if you own one) how do you chrono with it shooting three shots ? Im getting wild results!!
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