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  1. Cheap n cheerful lightweight mesh vest for this warmer weather :
  2. My TM 416 is great to use and I do get better range than both my Krytac and VFC, the recoil is ok but the stop on empty (for me) is a fantastic feature. What I really want now is one of those GBLS DAS rifles, they look to be the next evolution in AEGs.
  3. It is yeah, just testing in the house, looking down scopes etc the vision is much clearer than my cheap nuprol mesh goggles. Will report back after next game day.
  4. You should feel sorry for my poor wife, tho its more rolling eyes she gives me 🙄😂
  5. Some heroshark mesh. Awesome quality, can't wait to test it out!
  6. Had the same issue as you, asked in this thread: Got pointed to these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-FMA-Hunting-Airsoft-FARA-OTH-Adapter-Suspension-Headset-Support-/222980642937 Attached to rail with no problems now.
  7. Im too old for this shit. Holy crap im destroyed! 

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    2. Lokai


      Ha, yeah it was awesome ! Enjoy next Sunday, roll on my next outing 😁

    3. sonofsammo


      I've only played at YTA The Pines - what was it like where you were yesterday?


    4. Lokai


      I enjoyed it, site is about 30 acres, lots of nice dense woodland, ideal sniper ground, some decent structures etc worth trying. I went yesterday because they did a battlesim, rolling game basically same as proving grounds. Normally it's standard skirmish games. Oh and decent food too!! 

  8. YTA battle sim tomorrow, first time playing The Pit, bring it on !!!

  9. Surplus mtp mvp gortex jacket for all the awesome weather we aren't having, bargain for 12 quid and its as new.
  10. Cheers, bought them on 11th so only took 10 days to arrive, not too bad really.
  11. Knock off FMA's turned up, M32Hs now attached, cheers for the help. Need to get everything adjusted right now.
  12. Thanks, will go for a UV5-R , cheap enough, and thanks for the advice, will order the surplus gortex jacket.
  13. Perfect, thanks this is the exact info i was looking for. I need to get a programmable radio, currently just using the cheap Chinese 6 channel jobs. Also need to get some decent multicam wet gear. Best get my shopping head on and book on.
  14. Thanks for the reply, I will check out the heresy group. Seeing as I'm quite serious about this I think I'm going to end up buying all the camping gear anyway.
  15. Tried that, got a reply but they never covered the kit questions i asked.
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