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    TM 416 Delta Custom, Krytac LMG Enhanced MKII, WE G17 W.E.T, TM KSG, JG BAR 10, FNX 45
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    DPM, multicam, Ranger green, black, depends on the mood!!
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  1. Ahhh CQB, you've been missed!! IMG_20200725_181526.thumb.jpg.56ebe7513c2582ff6a5381ed6e09ad23.jpg

    1. Rogerborg



    2. Skara


      Meanwhile I get invited to games but refuse because it's too hot to even breathe :D

    3. Lokai


      Was about 18 here last night which is about as warm as I like it running around indoors 😂

  2. Ah cool, ive seen people play with them there before so sure it'll be fine. Usually run pistols so will have a back up or three!
  3. Urgh that might cause problems tomorrow night then!
  4. Nah, I got it cerakoted. Daft question (if you own one) how do you chrono with it shooting three shots ? Im getting wild results!!
  5. New ksg Just in time for killhouse reopening!!
  6. I'm hoping these last me a similar length of time !!
  7. Yesterday and week before I went by myself as usual compadres are shit/under the thumb 😆 aside from a bit of safe zone banter didn't notice they weren't there, always plenty of friendly folks to chat to.
  8. Second post lock down game day !!

  9. One in at Dave's: https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/AresL1A1SLR?search=L1a1 Or if you fancy a custom built one of a kind L2A1...... https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/Ares-DCA-L2A1-LMG?search=L2a1
  10. It's only 3 hours ish to Proving Grounds 😂
  11. A few shells and a laylax sling swivel, ready for when the ksg arrives.
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