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  1. Awesome day at Proving Grounds, weather just held out.

  2. Got absolutely hammered at Proving Grounds yesterday, still a good day though. Sonofsammo I do believe I saw you rocking your SRS (non bands) probably shot me a good few times!!!

    1. sonofsammo


      Indeed, I was there! Sorry I missed you.
      And yes, I was non bands - combat 95s, baseball cap and SRS 😄 (a get up which is completely invisible to the site camera!).
      The teams did seem very unbalanced for some reason - it's not normally like that.
      I was having problems with the SRS cos of my dark balls lol -- couldn't see where they were hitting, so I had fewer than ten proper kills all day with it.
      There's always next time - I love that place!

    2. Lokai


      Yeah its a great site, will be back next month. Think i managed about 5 kills lol spent most of the day just in front of spawn!! Did get caught in a few pics tho. 



  3. If your looking to go full face/helmet i highly recommend getting a warq helmet. I fog anything and everything i wear but the warq has never let me down.
  4. Proving Grounds Pyro special tomorrow! Excited !!!

  5. Not sure id want to work with anyone that refers to themselves as Lord Kumar!!!
  6. A vote here for the trmr with a multishot base, hasn't let me down yet.
  7. The new krytac lmg, got a run out today at proving grounds, great rate of fire 😁
  8. Cheap acog style scope for my mcx and a bag o bangs -
  9. Been the lazy sod that I am I haven't yet, everything is just thrown in, I will get around to it at some point
  10. Small world eh! Off to proving grounds next Sunday, will keep an eye out for you (if your going).
  11. Lol, depends for me when the wife is working nights , so I play a mixture, your not the chap that has the TM non blow back pistol with the heavy BB weight (when not at killhouse of course)? I tend to hang around with the guys with horde patches. It really does tho, don't care where or how often I get shot but in the spare tyre has me swearing !!! I'm the guy in the back with the warq helmet (will be sporting my afuk patch next week) -
  12. I feel your pain been a similar build to yourself I suffer in the spare tyre region, i come away from Killhouse with some right bruises on the stomach, love handles !! I don't mind getting shot etc but it really is nasty in this area! Best I've found is the condor gunner vest it's very adjustable but still not perfect, only thing I can think of is attaching a battle belt to bottom of it but reversed, like the below -
  13. Cheers for the response chaps, it would be quite a loaded belt, suppose if I'm going to be wearing it all day I don't want to risk my back.
  14. Sorry for thread hijack but... What are people's thoughts on wearing battle belts like this, but with the buckle to the back? So you get optimal molle to the front and sides. Odd or ok?
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