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  1. Good God i hate choice! I've been shopping around for the VSR 10 and I'm struggling to decide in which variant, and now to to make matter worse I've just seen the ARES Amoeba striker. Reviews seem good, price is similar and in a comparison test with the VSR it seems to have similar accuracy, it's FPS is higher and more consistent and quality is reported to be a little lower than the TM but still significantly higher than any cheap clones. Anyone have any opinions on these or am I still better off with the VSR?
  2. Right then. Been having a look and I have enough to buy the main rifle, a spring, hop arm and maybe a trigger assembly. Few things confuse me though. Is there any significant difference between all the variations of the VSR10? And is a 90 degree trigger worth it or will an upgraded 45 work fine for the time being. These probably seem noobish questions buy my last sniper (12 years ago) was a gas tanaka m24 so springers are new to me
  3. Ah that's pretty cool. Don't like the fact it needs an external tank though. That line just looks like it's waiting to get snagged. Would be interesting to see if you could use a small compressed air bottle and incorporate it into the stock some how. That may be one for a later date haha. Back to sealing the hop up chamber. The airsoft pro states you need an AEG barrel with it. Is that any AEG barrel? And why do they require an AEG barrel? Is it a length issue or design requirement? Sorry to keep bombarding with questions. I'm just wanting to start making a list or what I want/need so I can work out cost and then prioritise upgrades
  4. Now HPA I understand but R Hop I don't know what is. I can imagine HPA would be brilliant but I can't think how you would incorporate it into an airsoft rifle, at least not as a retrofit. When I've been looking at what upgrades to do etc I've noticed a lot of mention of sealing the hop up chamber, is this just mainly for low end guns or do all benefit?
  5. Ah ok that makes sense and thanks for a friendly and concise reply even though I am being a pest. My issue is I'm a qualified engineer and I always over think everything and the way I was looking at it was why but a gun that's £100 more if I'm only going to tear out and replace what makes it worth the extra £100. I wish the airsoft world worked like the flashlight world where you can just buy a good quality host and fill it with what you want rather than buy a good complete gun and remove most of that which makes it good. Is there anything else worth doing to the VSR Other than the above mentioned Thanks everyone.
  6. Thanks for that info. Will probably just go down the route of the VSR. on a side note anyone have any experience of the G&G rifles? Z1 has them at a tempting price and their blurb seems to suggest they are pretty powerful and reliable out of the box. And finally. Because I'm that sort of person (unfortunately) I just want to play devils advocate so to speak. Say I buy the VSR and perform the above listed upgrades and then I buy the Well and upgrade piston, cylinder, spring, trigger, barrel and hop up unit. Paper wrap both barrels and stuff both stocks. Would their be a notable difference? Other than the 'feel' of the gun? I'm going for a TM but I'm just covering all bases. Also can you explain PDI W hold? Not a term I've heard before. Thanks
  7. Ok so I'm definitely going to go down the TM route. I'm just a little confused now. The L96 I described as using the VSR bolt system. So does that mean I need to.buy VSR-10 upgrades as I don't see many listed as L96
  8. Ah that makes sense haha. I think I misread and therefore misunderstood. TM L96 it is then. Although before I go ahead and get it. Would anyone else have any other recommendations? I do feel I'm biasing myself slightly for aesthetic reasons but I am open to suggestions.
  9. For the other gun I'm thinking a compact SMG of some variety. That way i would have a CQB weapon for when a sniper wouldn't be usable. I understand this would leave me quite heavily laden if I were to go out with both but it also gives me versatility. The thought of pre owned has crossed my mind but I'm a little put off by my previous pre owned purchases. Ideally I like to buy new in situations like this because then all work is done by myself, so if something goes wrong there's no 'it was fine when I sent it' arguments, it's just flat out my fault. Also I enjoy the upgrade aspect and it's a nice sense of achievement when you build something that works well. As for hop vs FPS, I was never fond of huge amounts of hop up. I understand it increases range quite a bit but i prefer a straighter trajectory and then just hold under or over as necessary. Its what I still do with air rifles so it shouldn't take to long to get used to with an airsoft rifle (I hope). If anyone has any suggestions please throw then out. Main criteria for the sniper are 450-500 fps (stock or upgraded) Sturdy and reliable £250 ish ideally £280 absolute maximum. Thanks Thom
  10. Hey guys. New to the forum. Used to play way back in the day (nearly 10 years ago) and have recently thought about taking the hobby back up. I always used to operate as a sniper and that's the role i want to drop back into. My issue is where to begin. My budget is pretty limited at around £400 but that needs to include 2 guns. I'm looking at an L96 as Ive always loved the look of them but am a little hazy on which to go for as everything has changed so much I'm torn between 2. The well MB08A and the marui L96. The MB08 ive planned as a build. The base gun I've seen for around £120 and then the airsoft pro hop up unit, AEG barrel, metal trigger box, upgraded spring , guide and piston etc looks to be around another 130 or so. I've read good things about this gun with these upgrades. I know marui to be a quality brand and their L96 comes in at around £240 bone stock. How would the marui compare to an upgraded Well? Sorry for the worst first post Thanks in advance Thom
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