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  1. Oh yeah so it is, I must learn to read some time 🤦‍♂️
  2. Looks hella exotic. Something tells me that getting matching webbing and trousers might be a little bit difficult tho
  3. Unfortunately I've never been but have heard very good things! Might head down some time this summer to check it out finally
  4. Cheers for the advice, I'll probably drop you a bell at some point soon to get your advice, as I do think Flecktarn is the way for me following everyone's advice here. Ah okay thanks, I'll bear that in mind. I'll have a look on here and some other places for used ATACS FG, haven't been able to find any yet though I was also checking out Vegetato but wrote it off quickly for being too green. Am I wrong here?
  5. God I would like to buy some PenCott Greenzone but holy macaroni it does start to add up. I think I'll get a set of surplus Flecktarn gear. Cheap and cheerful, and if I don't like it then I've only spent 30-odd quid for kit I'll wear every now and again in autumn games. Really can't figure out whether it's too dark though, I'd love to know if others think it's lighter than DPM .
  6. Ahhh man you're persuading me now, goodbye beer money! (Only joking, nothing can touch that.) I'll keep my eyes peeled for any opportunity to pick some up, you got any suggestions for any websites that are good for it?
  7. Tbh, if I had enough spare cash at the moment to buy any camouflage it would probably be Pencott Greenzone. It's absolutely gorgeous but costs a bomb unfortunately. Same with ATACS FG, lovely but on the pricier end of the scale.
  8. I've been checking out some of the Russian camouflages and they do seem pretty good, I do especially like the SS-Leto pattern, but it is currently out of my price range unfortunately! Living the broke uni student life at the minute! Cheers for the website tho, they look to have some pretty decent prices. (That was until I just saw the minimum shipping cost 😨)
  9. Hi all, Had a break from airsoft for the past year, having played for two years or so before that, and looking forward to getting back into it! I'm originally from Cambridgeshire but go to uni in the West Midlands. Hopefully I'll see one or two of you about at game sites! Gimme a bell if you're ever happy to have a +1 join you to games in either of those areas. This forum software is unbelievably good 😲
  10. Would you say Flecktarn is still effective in the summer months in UK woodland + is it darker than DPM? I think I'd rather go for Flecktarn but I can never tell if it's darker than DPM in photos online, not least because there's the browner Flecktarn palette that also seems to get use, but that does seem too brown imo 😛
  11. Hi all, I haven't been out to a site in the past year or so and have a full MTP loadout that I've used for a year or two before. Safe to say that I'm now tired of it and the MTP magic sparkle has entirely worn off, not least because it seems to be pretty shoddy for UK woodland (probably because it was designed for Afghanistan after all...) I was just wondering what people would suggest for a bit rarer camo - I was considering buying some cheap surplus DPM as that is a bit rarer than MTP on sites nowadays, but I'm a bit more special snowflake than that. I've been checking out Flecktarn too, it's nice and cheap and a bit more special snowflake - but do you guys find that its too dark for UK woodland (especially in summer)? Cheers in advance! tl;dr MTP bores me, I wanna be a bit of a special snowflake but don't have a mad budget. Thanks.
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