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  1. And it does wonders or what? Also what do you mean exactly by this : "Weakest stock: Scars, but it's marginal. 416 stock is solid."
  2. Did you get the lay lax stock button? I hear it works wonders and makes it solid as a rock. I am going to purchase it right away and install it. Then bang. My scar will be (somewhat) drop proof. Just as drop proof as a lower snapping m4/416 receiver.
  3. It seems that the M4s and 416s have problems with the stock wobbling, rails wobbling, buffer tubes wobbling all that BS with the castle nut. Think the Scar H would be the best choice as it is almost like 2 solid pieces, and simple to take apart etc.
  4. From the Daytona group I heard the WE stock is even worse then a TM but whatever IDK who to believe anymore..... HOW about tm 416 how does it feel?
  5. I feel like people who actually own them say there fine and others maybe say stuff that is not true and they have "heard"
  6. How would a "real operator" use there guns lol? Ive seen videos and they seem to take somewhat care of the scars since they are sort of weak as well.
  7. LOL love that boot. Super comfy lol xD If I get the lay lax stock button, will I be able to slam it shut? or at least do it and not be worried about it breaking ;?
  8. Not worried about performance whatsoever more so about the externals, mainly the stock ;0
  9. Hey all I think I have decided on buying a tokyo marui Scar H, but I have a question first mainly about the stock since that is where people talk the most trash about this gun : Is the stock bad quality or what? Will it snap on itself? And lastly does the stock wobble/creak? Do you trust this stock yourself? Thanks.
  10. I think I’m going to go for a sopmod Guys. 1 for the price and 2 because it is the most supported. I can pick up extra lower receivers etc.
  11. That’s the thing lol. I’m in the USA haha. i has a vfc scar L if that makes it any better if the tm externals are on par with it. Also hear the tm stock is fragile How does the tm compare to the vfc? I love both the 416 and H and will probably just go off what is nicer quality externally.
  12. Hey guys I made this account just for the purpose of this thread right here ;3 Ok so today I am deciding between either a Tokyo Marui Scar H or a Devgru 416 I like the H as I am a lefty ,but I hear some bad things about the stock breaking. I also like the Devgru. I dislike the wobble of the M4/416 style stocks. Its just the way they are built. I think both of these guns are beautiful and if you guys could tell me which is just overall a better built gun that would be awesome. Keep in mind you all that Im going to be using this gun in cqb, upcoming milsim games, and even just outdoor walk on gameplay. So basically I need a versatile work horse. And No I do not mind that I will have to get new pouches etc for a scar H I have it sorted already/ Thanks in advance for replies I appreciate it. Hopefully will have swift replies as I anticipate to make my decision and following it up with a purchase soon after -Livin
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