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  1. I have a local store that I took a few guns too back in the day, may try there first. Called HotSpot Airsoft.
  2. Ok. In airsoft you Really don't need any features. All you need is a g&g combat machine and go play but, most of us want more. At this point I have narrowed down to either a system ptw from tack, or a custom aeg vfc scar H...
  3. I heard of a guy tackleberry who makes them to perfection and reliable etc.
  4. Maybe I will get a PTW in all honesty. Seems like a good fit, just a bit expensive.
  5. There aren't really any techs I trust honestly with NGRS in the USA..... I would send it to sam and get it upgraded to the max so I don't have to send it back for years.
  6. Im not a huge SMG fan to be frank
  7. Why evotek> tm hk 416+ tm scar h?
  8. 417 would be godly but I play cqb as well as outdoor and I just don't think a 417 would be good in that type of game... I would get it upgraded by Sam @ KoA to 345 fps... perfect for indoor and outdoors.
  9. Cr0, I love scars I really do. However in New York I felt up a TM scar and let me tell you it Was atrocious. Was creaky like crazy. As soon as I shouldered the weapon it creaked. Don't think I could do that honestly.. Maybe I will just go for a TM 416.
  10. Hey all, Im in the market for a new gun and with all of this quarantine going on I am very bored so here I am lol....... So I am in the usa and here are my parameters - Must be reliable as I don't want to have to send it off every 6 months or so. - Must have good externals (TM SCAR LOOKING AT YOU) - Must have ambi controls or be somewhat ambi friendly as I am a lefty - My budget is 1500 USD or 1200 GBP Tell me what I should get ! I love to play indoors and outdoors so something that is versatile is necessary as well! Don't need variable fps though as 350 is fine for outside (400 limit outdoors) Thanks in advance
  11. And it does wonders or what? Also what do you mean exactly by this : "Weakest stock: Scars, but it's marginal. 416 stock is solid."
  12. Did you get the lay lax stock button? I hear it works wonders and makes it solid as a rock. I am going to purchase it right away and install it. Then bang. My scar will be (somewhat) drop proof. Just as drop proof as a lower snapping m4/416 receiver.
  13. It seems that the M4s and 416s have problems with the stock wobbling, rails wobbling, buffer tubes wobbling all that BS with the castle nut. Think the Scar H would be the best choice as it is almost like 2 solid pieces, and simple to take apart etc.
  14. From the Daytona group I heard the WE stock is even worse then a TM but whatever IDK who to believe anymore..... HOW about tm 416 how does it feel?
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