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  1. Agreed but the practicalniss of 50 rd is worth it.
  2. Looking at the TM it looks really nice but is it worth an extra $100?
  3. So I was really looking into the the avalon but my friend kind of got me leaning towards the hk 416, I do like the look of the 416 a bit better. Douse anyone have a 416, what are your thoughts?
  4. As far as the EF Glock go's I have a new inner barrel and bucking and it shoots really tight groupings, I have been able to hit a soda can at 150 ft every shot. so far no issues with the gun and I have put probably just shy of 10,000 rounds through it.
  5. is there anything you would suggest replacing in the gun outside of maybe a lower spring and how long is the CQB avalon is it short enough to be effective in CQB?
  6. PaulSchoon

    new handgun

    EF Glock 17 out of the box its pretty good if you replace the bucking and inner barrel its one of the best GBB handguns I have used
  7. 416 lighter, shorter, little easier to work on if your wanting to put in upgrades
  8. So I know the Avalon guns are pretty great, and they come pre upgraded out of the box to a point and there is a lot you can do with them. Has anyone used it for CQB I know they are great for out door play how do they par up for CQB?
  9. Glock made EF destroy there first round of Glocks because they dident meet up with there standers, in return the ones they released are pretty nice, not disagreeing TM is normally the way to go, but if your wanting a Glock I would go with the only licensed Glock out there.
  10. I'd go Elite Force Glock 19, they shoot great, and are under 200.
  11. where did you get it that had a year warranty, thats great
  12. how do you like the avalon? iv head some good things about them
  13. Sounds like I'll make the transition to lipos then, where did you get your avalon? I am thinking of getting one and am wondering what a good retailer to buy it from is. I've had bad experiences with some of my local shops...
  14. Aim just a little higher and hit where it counts
  15. Thanks for the input on the chargers and everything it is much appreciated. Is there any deans that are better than others or are they all the same?
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