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  1. Evillimey1980

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    Me and 4 others are available for this, Mall is our home site, gutted to see it end 😥
  2. Evillimey1980

    IKEA pegboards for airsoft guns

    😂 seeing this post reminded me how much I need to invest in some sort of display rack or board, all my guns are stuck in the corner of the spare bedroom or in bag under the bed......missus is threatening to relegate my kit to the garden shed unless I sort it out.
  3. Evillimey1980

    Repair needed (Windsor berkshire area)

    Thanks guys for the recomendation, managed to rewire myself it was very simple, I've a experience in striping down real weapons from my army days, but felt a little out of my depth with it working on electric .....had an issues today with my WE GBB mp7 Luke had it fixed in time for the next game.....he's a very cool guy and knows his stuff, will defiantly use him again. Also managed to break my ICS par mk 3 and lost a spring after dropping one of my MP7 mags lolz....... but hey ......it's not airsoft with out a little drama.
  4. Anyone know or do repairs in the Windsor berkshire area? The buffer tube on my 416 came loose and broke my battery cables, would also like a mosfet fitted seeing as I need it rewired. Model WE 416
  5. Evillimey1980

    ICS Proarms PAR MKIII

    Is it still available?