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  1. Anybody used these, thinking of getting one but would like to hear people's, opinions, good and bad about them. Anything from set up time, reliability or just storytelling about them. The more information the better to help me decide, I have the timed one and can't fault it this far.
  2. The Beni

    Tm ksg problems

    Right slot for firing, as in right if your holding the gun, shop has exchanged it for me they was quite confused themselves I had done everything right they are going to open it up or send it back. They very surprised with it been a tm too, thanks for the help people
  3. The Beni

    Tm ksg problems

    Yes just the one shell atm, brand new last night and gas is coming out the barrels, got it packed up to take too the shop hopefully it is just the shell then ☺
  4. The Beni

    Tm ksg problems

    Just bought a tm ksg, and it's having issues firing, am I been a melt by doing something wrong. Gassed it up loaded the shell into right side racked it and no bbs are firing when I eject the shell one bb remains into what I can guess is where they should be loading could it be a dodgy shell or is it more serious? Its going back to the shop just wanted some insight from players on here searched the forums but couldn't find the answers I was looking for thanks Im advance for any helpful replies