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  1. By rig you mean EMERSONGEAR/ TMC jpc? They are worth quite a lot, and could be resold quite easily, a lot of them only come from China and have long delivery times, I don’t know about you but I would prefer to pay a small premium for it to be delivered in the UK, this is exactly like multicam black uniform, it costs so much to get from uk £80/90 but you can get from China for £60
  2. So you’ve never seen someone sell a loadout bundle second hand? it’s the exact same idea but on a website with more selection.
  3. Your acting like there’s no level of player in between newbies and pros, people see well put together plate carrier set up, they buy, simple. Do u have any idea how many people play airsoft and are unsure on what to wear, it will help them decide, it’s just another addition to airsoft stop hating matey
  4. Yh mate spot on that’s definitely a targetable market🤦‍♂️😂 course not, pre made setups that maybe could be redesigned to look like movie outfits is defiantly something you could sell!! Woah who’s this George turner guy he knows what he’s on about, plus his loadout is on a different level... I’d listen to him guys 👈🏻😂
  5. Thanks bro, u completely see where I’m coming from
  6. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ No no no no, the business idea isn’t to weave molle for others, do people really think that, it’s to create, sell and buy second hand / New plate carriers which are already modified, my nee NJPC arrived the other day it looks shit on its own, I put all the accessories on, if I sore that as opose to a plain plate carrier, it looks a lot more tempting to buy. It’s just another site people could use there’s tonnes of stuff like this already out there, we are just here to improve it
  7. It doesn’t even have to be premade but it can just come as a package, if on our website people like how it looks because we will model it in our airsoft gear they can just order certain parts I think it’s a good idea Ok ordering from China can be a haste if that item only comes from China hence why you ordered it, now if we can source these items but have them shipped in the uk with faster shipping, people are willing to pay a little more for the time convenience What other website will let you design, create and see a plate carrier set up before you order it to see if it looks good ? If there is one I’ve never heard of it! Ok i only read the first paragraph of your bible but the extra 40% will be what you normally pay from any big retailer🤦‍♂️ We would sell an entire setup for £90 where you could go to Taiwan gun and buy it all individually for £90. 😂 I’m not adding extra 40% to stick on a few molles that’s retarded... We would make money because a registered business can apply for trade price and get better deals
  8. Was kinda hoping for some optimism and motivation, and I totally agree my guy, my new naval JPC with fixed Velcro’s pouches arrived today so it’s anoter option, also I’m not doing this so people don’t have to fit their own molle🤦‍♂️😂 it’s a cool idea where people can gather ideas and if they like the look of it they can order it
  9. I guess, i thought it would be a bit of fun, price will be fine, your average air softer would spend £50 on a plate carrier and another £40 on pouches... us selling for £90 premade is perfect
  10. I don’t think people are understanding, we are not over charging at all that 40% was an example but it will be for your average retail price but as a whole as if you orders all the individual parts for example Thank you, don’t forget it’s all in concept🙏🏻
  11. Where we source the items from will be wholesale if you want to go through the hastle of ordering from China go ahead, we provide a service : website, labour of assembling, shipping, storage, customer service, we are providing reasonable pricing, also in Airsoft there is an information gap not so many people are in key with what things are worth so you can sort of get away with it, thanks.
  12. Thank you for the suggestion, Airsoft is only getting bigger and people are only buying more into I have seen it myself, the 40% markup isn’t a durastic as it seems, if the entire setup costs us £60 for example we make sell for £90, margins are low but you need it to keep business flowing
  13. Me and friend both experienced Airsoft players have came up with the idea to create an Airsoft store like no other! The idea: we will have a store with premade platecarrier setups with all of your milsim/skirmish requirements ready for battle! We we will order stock to our home, assemble the product: (JPC + ferro dangler + assault panel + extra mag pouches for example)..... assemble and package up ready to ship to customers ASAP. We will charge approximately 40% extra in order make profit. However this way people can browse our selection and purchase premade setups if they aren’t experienced enough to assemble or find each individual part themselves, or if you like the look of it! If demand increases we have planned out how to expand and we would like to add a (create a class) type section where people can create their very own plate carriers. we would add clothing section full of the most requested items as well as a limited edition section We have multiple marketing strategies to increase awareness and I personally believe our competition with larger stores is quite low as what we are offering is a service and an innovative new way to buy! Who likes the idea ??
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