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  1. I found one. Just wasn’t looking hard enough
  2. I think the piston head may be knackered too. Will a G17 one fit? Can’t seem to find ones specifically for the 18c
  3. Stock recoil spring helps massively. Full auto is a bit sluggish so I may try a 130 spring but stock has greatly improved the performance compared to the 150% Cheers for the help thus far all
  4. I’m having a similar problem it seems at the minute FNG; metal slide that doesn’t cycle properly. Is enhanced really necessary? Or will the stock spring do?
  5. Cheers prof I’ll give it a go
  6. Stock hammer spring, 150% recoil spring
  7. By full auto - I mean as in it splutters and does lots of little short slide cycles
  8. Thanks Corky... 😏 I wish it would use some of that magic to sort itself out. Losing the will to live a bit lol
  9. I don’t think it is. Towards the end of the mag it goes into full auto itself, if that makes any sense!
  10. Okay so new (stock) hammer spring plus 150% recoil spring turns it into a “single shot” pistol is: needs cocking after every round!!! weaker recoil spring on the way. Will try that with the harder hammer spring - I’m hoping that will be the winner!
  11. Given it a quick polish with the ol’ Dremel. The action is less Grundy, but a sticking point really does seem as though it’s either the recoil spring or the hammer spring, but I more suspect the hammer New hammer spring part arrives tomorrow, and recoil spring the day after. I’ll let you know how it fares after that.
  12. A BB under the mag spring do you mean? Tried that - put up to 4 in to no avail! 😅 I’m hoping to be able to fit a stock hammer spring tomorrow night. Moving it slowly as you’ve suggested, it seems to snag really badly on the “rocker” (for want of a better word) on the hammer. Reluctant to take a file to it though, as pressure on there is what sets the sear! 😕
  13. I continue with the army practice of writing my surname and Zap number on everything I take with me. Recovered a XL burst grenade once because of it I think it works as a deterrent. Helps solve disputes over ownership too
  14. Howdy all, I’ve recently acquired a decent TM Glock 18c It has a Guarder lower, return spring and hammer spring - 150% I think. I’m not sure about the trigger parts and valve knocker to be honest. It also sports an Airsoft Surgeon metal slide. Fires beautifully, however, it doesn’t cycle right. The slide only just kicks back enough to chamber the next round so I t never travels back far enough to ensure it locks back after the final round. Rack the slide manually with an empty mag in and it locks fine. Using green gas on it - white is too weak. Have tried theee different mags and all give the same result. Am I using too high powered a hammer spring? I’ve ordered a stock replacement Any ideas would be appreciated
  15. Wolf, tinkered about based on your comment - the NPAS has shaved the inside of the bolt slightly, and was catching rather than travelling smoothly. Took a Dremel to it and it’s all working now.
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