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  1. Thanks mate, so far ive tried care-ex, washing up liquid and catcrap.. care-ex wasn't bad.
  2. I have ESS v12's and bought the inserts off ebay, sent them off to specs-by-post to be regalzed, 2 days later they came back all done for £10! + postage.. bargain. I used them a couple of weeks ago but it was really warm that day, they didn't fog up any more than normal, later on in the day I did have to swap to mesh as it got really warm, looking forward to trying them on a cooler day. I hadn't got any sort of anti-fog that day, so its possible they could have been better - time will tell...
  3. When there is Snow on the ground... not ice just snow... Great fun! - Other than that as its not often here in the UK as long as its dryish and not too hot ill go.. played in the rain a few times, just end up wet, cold and never warm up and then when the rain stops you are still soaked for the day plus I don't like getting my rifs wet anyway. Played in the blistering heat at North VS South last year... too hot to wear protective clothing.... too hurty not too lol
  4. West Midlands FOB not that far from you mate, I go quite often, very friendly there too so no reason why you couldn't go on your own
  5. Don't be shy mate, doesn't matter if you don't have UKARA, plenty of new players knocking about. Well.. that Ace Xmas special got postponed so our team of 6 (for that day) ended up at FOB in West Mids... had an absolute brilliant day, Paul runs the site really well, the games were great, the rain held off and I got some great shots... also took a bad one to the head but hey-ho that's all part of it. femmefatalairsoft gets here as well if you follow her on any social media, she was a Marshall yesterday..
  6. Hey Dread Im just round the corner from you near Crewe! We go to The FOB at West Mid's regularly, also been to Sierra2 in stoke a few times, First and Only In Wales, SWAT Parkgate, North V South Festival earlier in the year and we're going to the Xmas Special this weekend at Ace Airsoft War Games in Wolverhampton.. Im the guy with JOKER on my back of my vest
  7. Mostly stuff when I was new to Airsoft... Wrong gas bought due to mis-informed. - anyone near Crewe want some Nuprol Black gas half price lol. MP5 with old internals, dodgy batteries, a split where the mag goes in and had been sprayed black from blue. A new battery for the Mp5 days before I sold it :/ which is no good for my other Rifs Nuprol Charger Leaky WE 1911 Mesh Eye-pro A Laser, looks cool but not for me Catcrap eypro cleaner - still steamed up - best stuff ive used is Carex Strawberry laces hand wash! I'm sure there are more but cant think right now...
  8. G&G – CM16 Wild Hog 7″ with Keymod Rail, ETU & MOSFET Hahaha Why So.....

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    My front sight fell off my woldhog anyome got one they want to sell?


  10. Hi Guys 'N' Gals! Im the guy with JOKER on the back of my vest for anyone that chatted or shot me lol! Been doing this since last year, great fun, try to get out there every month....when I can get a gate pass ;) Normally at WM The FOB, been to Sierrar2 a few times and soon to be going to Tac House Just got back from Warped NorthVSouth, what a weekend! :) Chat to you lot soon
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