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  1. Whilst I can't speak for their longevity, having only fielded them once, the Nuprol stanag mags have worked fantastically in my Raider 2.0, my brother's original cm16 and in a random player's M4 who was having feeding trouble with his own hi-cap mid game. They surprised me when they arrived since I'd assumed they were polymer but they actually have a metal outer casing. I found I could fit 137-138 bbs into each one so not far off the advertised 140. I also enjoyed testing their feeding, ending with mag dumping all 138bbs in one long burst. Absolute waste of ammo but bluddy good fun. Only issue I've had is that they don't drop free when I press the mag release. Saves me losing it when crawling through bushes though!
  2. That's good to hear; they're the easiest mid caps for me to get my hands on. Cheers mate!
  3. Does anyone have any experience with the Nuprol midcaps? Preferably the stanag looking jobbies but not averse to the "modern" versions. Or recommend any similar priced midcaps that I can chuck in a Raider 2.0? I'm looking for decent midcaps that it doesn't matter too much if they're lost/stolen.
  4. Just wondering if any of you guys could recommend a cheapish but useful, preferably smart, charger I can use to get in the game? I have a simple one but the attachment point for mini tamaya seems to have disappeared. I'm looking at picking up the recommended B6AC as soon as the genuine jobbies pop back up on hobbyking but looking for something in the meantime.
  5. Ahh gotcha. Yeah that's a big factor in my choice, have heard the internals on SA are better overall but I'd like confirmation about the polymer durability from anyone with hands on experience. Failing that I'll just play it safe and pick up the standard Raider 2.0 (ETU issues aside, that pdw stock is an abomination!) and pick up a full metal SA in the future. Cheers!
  6. Hullo! Apologies if this has been covered already, I've searched through the forums but didn't find the info I needed. I'm looking at picking up my first AEG in the near future with a budget I might be able to stretch up to £200 without getting into too much trouble. Pretty much everyone always recommends G&Gs raiders and I do like the looks of the Raider 2.0 but I've read about a fair few EU players enjoying their specna M4s. Since specna have their core line in a similar price bracket as the raider it's left me a bit stuck as to which to pick. I'm hoping you guys might be able to advise as to which of the two to go with in terms of internals and the durability of the polymer they're made of. Tl;dr what am bestest of specna core M4 or a G&G Raider 2.0 Grateful for any info, Cheers!
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