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  1. Myself and my son have both got Nuprol Defenders Been using both for guns since they come out so a couple of years Both guns have been reliable and never broke or let us down Both have been upgraded and found them to be adequate at our level of play Have thought about buying higher end guns but is their much benefit to be had for my money?
  2. Welcome, I live in Sawston
  3. I had a m60, My local sights had minimum engagement distances and I found that the gun did not have much of a range once this was taken into account So in the end i sold it through lack of use
  4. My son who is 16 and has to have full face protection is now using Dye i4 mask Works well with his glasses and does not steam up
  5. I live in Cambridge, Sites i goto are Team Green at Tuddenham Gunman Airsoft also at Tuddenham Mad dog at Huntingdon All sites are friendly and always had a good day their
  6. I take my 16 year old regular playing airsoft He is not allowed to use pyro but people are allowed to through pyro at him And generally trying to get more kids into airsoft
  7. Same here, bought a i4 face mask and got next day delivery I had a web chat with them prior to ordering and response was quick and precise Very impressed with service
  8. I have just bought a i4 in Tiger stripe for my son, On special offer at bzpaintball £70 If any good I shall get a 2nd one and post my thoughts after a couple of games
  9. Just had a flick through the classifieds on here, found a gun i liked, did a quick google and found you can buy it new with a warranty for £20 cheaper than 2nd had price
  10. Just bought a limited edition vsr10 in chrome, a battle belt, a dye i4 helmet for my son Dont tell the wife /-)
  11. Normally I part ex / upgrade any guns at my local site I always get a fair price and I know they need to make some money on it I do not have the time or patience, Maybe im getting old
  12. Cheaky weekend purchase Vsr10 440fps
  13. I have to admit I was thinking about buying a couple for myself and son Especially as they have marketed this gun as really good quality I hope you get sorted out but I shall keep what I have got
  14. I have been airsofting for a couple of years with my son Been using a Nuprol Defender for about a year, For a cheap gun it has always been reliable and shoots at around 300 fps But I am finding I am being out ranged by a lot of other aegs (im using .28 bbs) Should I put money into this gun to increase range or just buy another gun that can get more more range? Advice please
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