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  1. Jimbo1878

    Gun picture thread

    😂😂 it was taken by the Marshall on the day so had no choice over the colour sadly.
  2. Jimbo1878

    Gun picture thread

    Me and my ARP9 at swat knowsley.
  3. Jimbo1878

    Arp9 drum mag


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    Looking for a drum mag for the arp9. If anyone wants rid of one let me know.


  4. Jimbo1878


    Has anyone had any issues with the g&g arp9 high caps feeding? I've just got the gun and only tested it in the garden but I keep getting missfeeds. Will be playing with it tomorrow so can give it a propper test but just wondered if anyone else has had issues.
  5. Jimbo1878

    Aps uar

    I was looking at the drum mag but seems like a bit of overkill as I can only use semi auto at the cqb venue I attend.
  6. Jimbo1878

    Aps uar

    Thanks for the reply's guys. Kind of backs up what I said about the mixed video reviews. I'm still undecided but I'm also thinking about the g&g arp9 now. The only thing putting me off the arp9 is the proprietary mags. I could always get both but I think the 710 would beat me to death with one of them if I did 🤣
  7. Jimbo1878

    Aps uar

    Does anybody have any experience with this gun? I'm looking for a new cqb rifle and I really like the look of this. I've looked at loads of reviews and still can't make my mind up. Some say it's good and others mention that aps have a reputation for shoddy products. Help me make my mind up guys!!
  8. Jimbo1878

    Asg shotgun shells

    Yeah I'm gonna order more just in case. Will try what you have suggested though and see how I get on.
  9. Jimbo1878

    Asg shotgun shells

    I have now noticed that if I hand feed them(Not fun), the shells fire fine but speedload them and it won't fire more than 4 or 5 shots. Very strange.
  10. Jimbo1878

    Asg shotgun shells

    No worries. Ill keep trying with them and get some more if I have to.
  11. Jimbo1878

    Asg shotgun shells

    No, they are brand new out of the packet today..can't work it out.
  12. Jimbo1878

    Asg shotgun shells

    Has anyone had any experience with the asg spring shotgun shells? I can't seem to get them to fire a full 10 shots. Not sure if they are supposed to be used in a tri shot shotgun though so that could be the issue. Ive tried .20gr and .25gr bbs in them and its the same with both. Any ideas?
  13. Hi all Signed up last week and just thought I would say hi. I am a total noob having played my first game 2 weeks ago at swat knowsley. I really enjoyed it and hoping to be able to get out again tomorrow. Hope you don't mind if I ask silly questions!! Cheers Jimbo