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  1. Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    That guy selling the cm16 purchased the gun for £150. Haha
  2. G&G CM16 Valuation

    Cheers man
  3. G&G CM16 Valuation

    Ok Cheers. Not looking to sell the gun i was just wondering what somebody would value it at at the moment. The Mosfet was fitted by my self but has also had a tech look over it. I do agree it is a fairly cheap gun. Thanks for the reply.
  4. G&G CM16 Valuation

    It is a raider. You wouldn't pay more than 120 with for the gun with or without the mosfet?
  5. G&G CM16 Valuation

    Hi I'm not sure where to put this post. I was wondering if anyone could value my rifle. Specs Gate Titan Mosfet M100 Spring Nuprol Bocca Series 2 9" Rail(Bronze) Nuprol NX600L Torch Pressure Pressure Pad Rail Cover Patrol Base Battle Bronze Suppressor NCStar Red/Green Dot Reflex Optic Angled Foregrip ACM Stock