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  1. 550 paracord loop on the belt or molle with a keyring threaded on the end and job done.
  2. Heh wasn't referring to the forum admin/mods, but the cum guzzling thunder c..... tit turds on the outside of the airsofting community. 😎
  3. Nope, a completely dumb idea. You don't have a brick and mortar store or a registered business, doubt you will be purchasing any level of stock at trade prices...Now, if you are designing and producing your own gear in house and retailing it, you might have some interest. I really shouldn't be encouraging but meh
  4. Why bother, plenty available within the UK.If your in with the circles that partake in such activities then you shouldn't have an issue obtaining the kit. Might be best to keep the currently naughty recreationals for the use of on the quiet and outside of airsofting, otherwise the ban brigade with get a hard on. 🤣
  5. Sadly VFC seem to have this amazing ability to produce some amazingly good quality external builds, but internally they are about as reliable as a chocolate teapot and that is matched by VFCs customer service..... As much as I love TM and GHK, I have my hopes up for WE releasing one. I don't think much can go wrong with a stamped steel body, after market internals will be no doubt well supported. Wishful thinking but we can only hope.
  6. With the barrel wobble and the bolt lock not functioning correctly out of the box?
  7. Tell me about it, might just keep them for the collection. Bugger it, Ill use them for what they are meant for😎 Will pm you.
  8. Yep Boulevard is the best one, not a fan of the others but some seem to love them.
  9. A set of Norwegian Crye G3s and a ops core fast helmet along with an assortment of odds and sods. Picked up a WE g17 with 3 mags for £60 brand new as well, will shove a maple leaf hop unit in it when I get some time to myself.
  10. Yum https://wickliquor.com/collections/e-juice/juggernaut-150ml/
  11. Shhh, only have to fart these days to be branded a Nazi/racist et al. Ill get my coat before a second night of the long knives cometh😂 Found this whilst relaxing, not bad at all.
  12. Ummm Would be interested in the 416, GBB I hope. Might just get the lower engraved with some Norwegian markings😍 I think WE have unfortunately shelved the G3 but I could be and I hope I am wrong on that, as for VFCs G3 um no. Stung once, not again.
  13. Indeed, more than one way to skin a rat.🕵️‍♂️
  14. Can be a number of issues and its an easy fix, if a little irritating though. Take all the valves out, wrap the threads with the PTFE tape. This needs to be done neatly, only one or two wraps per valve or they will not sit correctly. Do exactly the same for the inlet valve as well, make sure it is seated correctly too. Do make sure you are not turning the inlet valve when inserting the bulb and tightening it down. Another thing worth doing is to take out the gas router, PTFE wrap it then seat it back into position. Another little trick i learnt long ago is to wrap the tip of the co2 bulb, some are not exactly shaped correctly causing the co2 to vent all over the place. Takes time I know but worth giving it a go.
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