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  1. how to carry two primary weapons

    Ill get some popcorn ready
  2. how to carry two primary weapons

    Think someone needs to cool off a bit, shake hands and leave it at that.
  3. Airsoft equipment bought by MOD

    I recently had a discussion with a couple of armed police officers and could of sworn that I noticed some Kombat uk made items being worn. I didn't ask and just past it off as some private purchase tid bits slapped on for what ever reason. Visited my parents and noticed some new looking gear on the side, what looked like a kombat uk clone of a 5.11 pack. That crap along with condor and other gear of questionable quality is on the kit re-question form, no idea if that's for every constabulary though. I'm not knocking condor, some of their kit isn't to bad depending on what it is and so forth. So It wouldn't surprise me if the MOD has been conned (familiar story) into trying/buying into some crap gear, nothing new I'm afraid.
  4. Warrior elastic mag pouch problems

    Shouldn't be an issue if you maintain your kit correctly, if you think that will be an issue for you then just use a gash mag.
  5. Warrior elastic mag pouch problems

    I didn't notice the thread until now but just in case you are still stuck. For nylon/webbing pouches Fill a bowl up with hot water, stick the magazine snug into the pouch then submerge pouch and magazine into said hot water. Leave to sit for about 15-20min before taking it out and dipping it into a bowl of cold water. Leave the magazines in for a few days and periodically draw and insert a few times, you may have to repeat the process until you have the retention fit you are comfortable with. Just out of curiosity, are these WE magazines? should be a good fit as they are almost exactly spot on dimension wise (don't make me get the caliper out). This will gradually stretch the material and then stabilise the fit. For Kydex Insert magazine until seated correctly, borrow wife/gfs hair dryer and gently heat the pouch in areas you get the most resistance from. Have a bowl of cold water on standby to submerge it in after, again leave to sit for a while and periodically draw and reinsert magazine until your happy with the fit. Again you may have to do the process a few times but do this gradually and do not rush it, try not to distort the lips of the pouches otherwise you will run into issues, unless of course you want to form a finger lip or something. For leather You will need leather stretching tools and chances are it will be more trouble than its worth, I wouldn't bother or advise it. Just out of interest, do the pouches by any chance have a kydex retention clip sitting inside them? Check to see if this is the case and just follow the guide for kydex. Hope it helps
  6. Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    If you mean did I see it sell? No I lost track of it, and forgot about it in the end. I'm sure it will end up back on ebay eventually.
  7. Evening

    cheers ghost, looking over some of the sites that are about. Shame about stanta though, CAG however I visited a couple of times years ago and seemed like a decent venue with plenty of room for growth back then. Ill try and have a look into CAGs shop when i'm roaming around Norwich next, descent prices?
  8. Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Fortunately not, I was able to get hands on before any cash parted my hands. Oddly enough, I think the replica/fake did end up on ebay. As for the real one, just a lucky encounter i guess. Shame the rest of the crye clothing was a little bit on the snug size for comfort. Always good kit to be had for good prices, just got to know where to look.
  9. Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    It never ceases to amaze me the prices people ask at times, I get it though its always worth the chance and you can just wait until what ever it is comes down in price (and it will). Its the fake crap that some try to pass on as legit that irritates me the most, someone near me was trying to shift a JPC for £200, price wasnt to bad for genuine kit but took me 1min to realise it was a bad one. Found a full set in the end with plates for £150 with little use The amount of chancers are always outweighed by good deals at the end of the day.
  10. Stock WE GBB M4 parts

    Make: WE Item: Stock internals Desired Condition: new or good usable condition Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: Looking to salvage two of my old rifles that are still running the closed bolt system so ideally ill be looking for the following parts Complete bolt carrier group (nozzle,return spring et al) Complete trigger unit with valve knocker/spring complete hop unit with the spacer ring Must be a few of you out there with a load of old stock WE parts kicking around. Still looking, doesn't have to be new just usable condition
  11. the ar15/m16/m4 enigma

    I'm guilty of owning three in various forms, however i'm really tempted by the GHK sig553 and keeping my hopes up for a good G3 (gbb) id love a AK5 as well if one ever pops up (come on GHK, you know you want to).
  12. Evening

    Thought id poke my nose in and say hello, ill keep it short and sweet. Returning after about ten or so years and thought id dip my toes into the hobby again (its really an addiction admit it), I tried to keep upto date with the various innovations and improvements over the years but lack of time and other interests distracted me. It seems a number of sites have opened up around the Norfolk area (much at Stanta going on?) Hopefully airsofting will keep me busy for a while until I get my rear end to HMS Raleigh and keep me out of trouble.
  13. New player, based in Suffolk. Hi!

    Welcome from another new'ish member from over the border to you.