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  1. I have seen a handful of these pop up, and they are indeed about. Not exactly rocking horse shinoloa but at the same time not cheap, I should of kept hold of the one I had but alas passed it on as I was going through a ''do I really need/use that'' phase, ill keep my eyes open for one. In the mean time, get yourself to militaria fairs war and peace would be a good start if you are able too. Also have a butchers at the various deactivated weapons dealer sites, some bits pop up for reasonable prices from time to time.
  2. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    Raid your bits boxes, someone must have one of these kicking about, somehow mine has gone walkies. Anyone got one?


  3. Have never had any luck with anything VFC, externally gorgeous but internally meh no.
  4. Guess I can add to this too, WE glock 17s are not bad at all add a maple leaf hop unit and you are good to go. Not going to cost you an arm and a leg and parts are widely available too, I might even pick up another at some point. These AA R17s though, seem worth a try. Roger, I take it these are pretty much a clone of the WE? How is the magazine compatibility between the two, might be a good choice too.
  5. Spent to much on boots, Aku spiders finally gave up the ghost after years of hard use and some nasty amounts of salt water so thought Id give the Pilgrims a go and a pair of grizzly GTX. Never one to skimp on footwear

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    Getting back into airsoft now that I have some time on my hands again at least, stupidly let most of my toys go to others but the bugs bit me again. Miss my old XDM for some reason so I'm after another one or the compact version. Odd choice I know, but still got my belt rigs and holsters and magazines so I might as well make use of them. Thought id give you lads and lasses a try before I bang in an order from Patrol base. Many thanks


    , Norfolk

  7. 550 paracord loop on the belt or molle with a keyring threaded on the end and job done.
  8. Heh wasn't referring to the forum admin/mods, but the cum guzzling thunder c..... tit turds on the outside of the airsofting community. 😎
  9. Nope, a completely dumb idea. You don't have a brick and mortar store or a registered business, doubt you will be purchasing any level of stock at trade prices...Now, if you are designing and producing your own gear in house and retailing it, you might have some interest. I really shouldn't be encouraging but meh
  10. Why bother, plenty available within the UK.If your in with the circles that partake in such activities then you shouldn't have an issue obtaining the kit. Might be best to keep the currently naughty recreationals for the use of on the quiet and outside of airsofting, otherwise the ban brigade with get a hard on. 🤣
  11. Sadly VFC seem to have this amazing ability to produce some amazingly good quality external builds, but internally they are about as reliable as a chocolate teapot and that is matched by VFCs customer service..... As much as I love TM and GHK, I have my hopes up for WE releasing one. I don't think much can go wrong with a stamped steel body, after market internals will be no doubt well supported. Wishful thinking but we can only hope.
  12. With the barrel wobble and the bolt lock not functioning correctly out of the box?
  13. Tell me about it, might just keep them for the collection. Bugger it, Ill use them for what they are meant for😎 Will pm you.
  14. Yep Boulevard is the best one, not a fan of the others but some seem to love them.
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